Cancel Timeshare Mortgage & Contract

Our timeshare mortgage contract cancellation program was designed specifically for people that currently have a mortgage on their timeshare. If you have paid off your mortgage, then you would not qualify for this program, but you would likely qualify for our program known as the Timeshare Title Transfer Program to exit out of your timeshare.

How Timeshare Mortgage Cancellation Works

Often when timeshare owners are sold their timeshare, the sales staff will make misleading statements or false promises, and in many cases leave out important disclosures that you should have been told. When this happens, consumer protection laws are broken, giving you grounds for contract termination.

Other things people are told that are grounds for termination:

  • Being told of tax benefits (highly illegal)
  • They promised you could go to an exchange and redeem vacations all over the world in exchange for your property, but failed to tell you about the fees and limitations.
  • The sales staff used fear and intimidation to get you to purchase
  • Not being told of the mandatory 3 day rescission period (in most states)
  • Refused to give your gift if you did not make a purchase

So How Do I Cancel?

Do not contact the resort and tell them you want to cancel before you understand the specific order of steps that need to be taken. They will use anything you say to trap you in your contract, so it’s imperative that you do not prematurely take any action on your own.

Don’t listen to websites that act like one approach fits all. Every resort’s contract is different and every resort has different tactics to keep you from canceling. The first thing you need to do is find your contract. Then you need to have a professional who understands the specific terms of your contract review it to help you proceed in the right direction.

Our office will review your contract at no charge. We have a different approach for every timeshare and will know the best avenue for your situation.