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Lonestar Transfer

Get Out of Timeshare

Our primary service is our title transfer service. This service helps burdened timeshare owners by legally transferring their timeshare property title out of their name. Once the transfer is complete, all financial liability is removed from the previous owners.

For timeshare owners that still have a mortgage on their timeshare and don’t qualify for our timeshare transfer service, we’ve created a second very successful program known as timeshare mortgage cancellation. In this service we work directly with you to cancel your timeshare with the resort where you purchased it.

How to Get Out of A Timeshare

100% Guaranteed

It starts with a creeping sense of worry. The timeshare that once seemed to offer a relaxing escape from stress has gradually become a source of stress. The strain of keeping up with a seemingly never ending round of payments, year after year, begins to show. Soon, you will consider getting out of your perpetual timeshare ownership altogether.

But how to get out of a timeshare? That’s the big question. Perhaps you’ve tried getting out of a timeshare by offering it for sale, but to no avail. Perhaps you’ve been “cold called” by scam artists who claim to represent an unnamed buyer—a buyer who, we can assure you, does not exist. Or you receive a mailer from an entity that offers to list your timeshare—for a big upfront fee.

Timeshare Transfer Service

Are timeshare annual maintenance bills and special assessments piling up on you? For many, owning a timeshare has become a financial nightmare that never seems to end.

Mortgage Cancellation

You can legally cancel your timeshare contract and mortgage with our timeshare cancellation program.

Timeshare Services

No Obligation Consultation

Free private consultation, with no obligation. If you feel as if our services are not what you require at this moment, it is at no cost to you.

100% Guarantee In Writing

Timeshare exit solutions that come with a written guarantee. We are so confident in our abilities and our nearly flawless success rate, we offer a 100% written guarantee.

Vacation Club Contracts

Assistance in stopping all liability of a vacation club contract. Similar to Timeshare contracts, we specialize in Vacation Club contracts also.

Eliminating Fees

Support in eliminating all maintenance fees and special assessments forever. We have helped many eliminate these increasing maintenance fees that cause stress to so many families.

Timeshare Contracts

Assistance in stopping all liability of a timeshare contract. We have thousands of clients that will confirm the end of their timeshare contract.

Peace of Mind

The peace of mind of knowing that your children will never be saddled with the debt of the timeshare. We take pride in relieving the stress that accompanies the individuals that take part of these Timeshare contracts.

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Money Back Guarantee

Years in Business

Request your free, no obligation timeshare cancellation consultation today! 100% Free.

Happy customers.



“For years we have spent money and time trying to get out of the timeshares we took out years ago. There have been lots of companies come and make claims but we found the Lone Star Transfer Co. was a real serious group that would finally get us out of 2 different timeshares. And they did it! Within 2 years we had no more connections with the timeshares and it was done.

Thank you Lone Star Transfer for taking care of something that plagued us for years!”



“I heard about Lone Star Transfer on Sean Hanity and found them to helpful, totally honest and sincere about helping me get out of my timeshare. I found out from bad experiences that several companies exist that are about as bad of a scam as the timeshare companies themselves! The people at Lone Star Transfer are the exact opposite , and have a money back guarantee that they will get you out of this scam! They got me out of mine after several other attempts that failed!!”


“Lonestar successfully dealt with our timeshare and kept in touch during the process. Two other companies failed to get us out of our timeshare. Lonestar took about six months, and we are happy it is now over.”


“When I retired it became apparent we did not need the time share . In addition we found that the ever increasing annual fees were costing too much. After examining our options, we decided to choose Lonestar Transfer because they explained the process and took time to answer our concerns. The process was slow, but we were out of the first one in about 3 months after submission. The second one was completed in about 3 more months. We received notification that we were out completely about a month later. We had excellent assistance from Lonestar Transfer’s staff and their transfer agent every time we contacted them. Lonestar Transfer informed us at the beginning that the process would take time to complete. Frankly, it took less time than we expected.”

With So Many Wrong Ways of Getting Out of a Timeshare…
What’s the Right Way?


Follows the law


Is experienced at resolving this issue


Does not make promises that it cannot fulfill


Has a 99.9% Success Rate


Offers Free Consultations


Puts a 100% Guarantee In Writing


Is Bonded & Insured


Is a Member of the Chamber Of Commerce


Is A Rated at the BBB


Can support its claims of customer satisfaction with testimonials


Conducts business from an actual brick-and-mortar location in the U.S.

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