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How to Get Out of A Timeshare

It starts with a creeping sense of worry. The timeshare that once seemed to offer a relaxing escape from stress has gradually become a source of stress. The strain of keeping up with a seemingly never ending round of payments, year after year, begins to show. Soon, you will consider getting out of your perpetual timeshare ownership altogether.

But how to get out of a timeshare? That’s the big question. Perhaps you’ve tried getting out of a timeshare by offering it for sale, but to no avail. Perhaps you’ve been “cold called” by scam artists who claim to represent an unnamed buyer—a buyer who, we can assure you, does not exist. Or you receive a mailer from an entity that offers to list your timeshare—for a big upfront fee.


Timeshare Transfer Service

Are timeshare annual maintenance bills and special assessments piling up on you? For many, owning a timeshare has become a financial nightmare that never seems to end.

Mortgage Cancellation

You can legally cancel your timeshare contract and mortgage with our timeshare cancellation program.

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How to Get Out of A Timeshare
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GUARANTEE: If Lonestar Transfer determines they are unable to implement the Guaranteed Timeshare Solution with respect to a Client’s Timeshare(s) within 18 months, Lonestar Transfer agrees to fully refund the entire fee paid by Client to Lonestar Transfer without deduction for any and all fees or Timeshare expenses paid by Lonestar Transfer.