7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Timeshare Attorney


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Most people decide to invest in a property in return for profit or as a hobby. While selling or renting property is a lucrative way to make passive income, it’s a risky business.

The flipside of property business is you may experience loss instead of profit. You may be told sweet lies instead of the harsh truth. Having a timeshare is no different. The only problem is that they can be more complex to get rid of when it no longer serves you.

When you are stuck in a timeshare contract you want to cancel, you need a timeshare attorney. Attempting to exit on your own may leave you with more losses when you don’t know what you’re doing. Still, not every timeshare lawyer is equal. You need to find the best to handle your case. 

You should quiz your potential timeshare lawyer(s) first. What should you ask? You’re about to find out. 

7 Questions to Ask Any Timeshare Attorney

Your chances of getting a good or bad lawyer are no different than flipping a coin when you rely on chance. Does the 50% percent sound good to you? Probably not. 

You have to do your homework and scavenge for a good one. Luckily, we’ve already done the homework for you.

All you need to do is ask these questions. Most timeshare lawyers won’t mention certain things until you hire them. Their experience comes with a price and their unwillingness to respond to anything might seem initially plausible with that justification. 

This is a trap to lock you in until you pay up first. Any good timeshare lawyer won’t do this and will respond to your questions that concern them and your case. 

So what questions should you ask? 

Am I Expected to Pay up Front?

The right timeshare lawyer wants to listen to your story. They want to be well informed of the task at hand. You may not think about it, but lawyers put their necks out (their license) for every case they accept. 

You should find a lawyer with these ears and you shouldn’t pay upfront costs for this. You are often given a free consultation; this is good. Don’t get too relaxed though. It could be a method to pay immense fees post-consultation.

Word to the wise: don’t give your money for something when you are not fully informed of the financial outcome. 

What Are the True Legal Fees?

Similar to the previous question, you must have an accurate price on the cost. Ballpark estimates are dangerous and silence is just as dangerous. You have the right to know because you are paying the money. You should have the opportunity to be willing to spend it or not. 

What Is Your Experience?

Its said experience is the best teacher, and honestly, it’s true. A new lawyer is a risky move although they may be excited to help. A new player isn’t fully informed of the rules nor knows how to work around them.

Finding a lawyer that specializes in timeshare laws and statutes is tough but possible. There are also major differences between timeshare and real estate when it comes to making an exit plan. 

Is that experience there? 

Voice this out and ask for references or any relevant qualifications the lawyer may have. If you notice you are spending a great deal of effort to get this information from them, chances are they aren’t for you. 

What Will Be the Steps in the Process?

As variables can change, it’s not completely possible to provide exact steps in the process of your case. You should still be able to have a rough outline in the direction your timeshare lawyer wants to go.

They should give you this plan. Some lawyers wish to keep their clients in the dark and do everything on their own. Just because you did ask for legal aid doesn’t mean the rest should be completely out of your mind and hands. 

This outline will be more detailed upon hire. A good timeshare lawyer is able to inform you of basic steps and that they will include you in it. 

What Are My Options?

All some lawyers think about is milking the cow for profit. You. They will not inform you of cheaper or easier options. Their only goal is to make you pay a fortune for their inaccurate or misleading “advice.” 

The right timeshare lawyer will be able to help you create a list of your options. You should be able to pick them those options. Maybe you will be able to transfer your timeshare instead.

You may discover ideas you never thought about. Two heads are better than one so working together to find these options to deliberate will be best. 

How Do You View Client Relationships?

Having trust in your timeshare lawyer is undoubtedly the most important factor in the hiring process. Trust is more than just a colorful billboard or commercial to advertise themselves.

You need to ask yourself if they are working in your best interest. Have they been transparent to you and are they well-versed in the details pertaining to your case? How about their ability to talk to you in simple English without all the complex legal jargon you don’t know?

Their actions will speak volumes as much as the words they choose. 

What Are the Chances of Winning?

Life has no guarantee the same way a lawyer winning your case has no guarantee. Any lawyer that cases they can win your case cannot be trusted. 

Good timeshare lawyers will give you the probability in your chances of winning. They will suggest ways it could be achieved. They will never promise victory even if your case highly in your favor. 

From that possibility, you decide can decide whether to continue to drop your case. 

Canceling Your Timeshare

The power is in your hands. You are the only person who can choose who you want to represent you. Shouldn’t it be someone that’s trustworthy, experienced, and is willing to answer a few questions without asking for money? 

You have just as much as a right to know what you are getting yourself involved with when hiring a timeshare attorney. We understand this. That’s why we always offer free consultations to our customers at no obligation. 

We have been in business for about a decade serving thousands of happy customers. You do not have to be alone in your fight. Contact us to schedule an appointment today. 

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