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Did a timeshare company or salesperson lie to you about the interest rates, didn’t disclose the rescission period, or applied fear or intimidation to close the deal? Are you worried about all the maintenance fees? Timeshare statistics show that the maintenance fees averaged $1,112 per month in 2019. You are allowed to cancel the timeshare within the rescission period and get a full refund without penalty. This route calls for quick and immediate attention.

Many people want to cancel their contract but lack the knowledge to go through the cancellation process. Therefore, you need timeshare exit experts to help you out. Timeshare attorneys can guide you in all timeshare aspects such as cancellation. They represent and fight for your rights to the best of their abilities. But it can be tricky to pick the best timeshare attorney from thousands that exist. The following are some elements to look for when choosing the best timeshare attorney.

Area of Law

It’s obvious that lawyers specialize in certain areas of law. For a specific case like timeshare cancellation, choose an attorney who has experience in dealing with timeshare cases. If you don’t hire someone who specializes in these types of cases, you may not get what you need out of the situation.


Before you give them the opportunity to represent you, check the amount of experience they have. Ask them how long they have been in service, the number of similar cases they have handled, and how many were successful. The more cases they have won, the better off you will be in fighting your case.


Laws, especially timeshare laws, vary by state. Look for timeshare exit experts who are conversant with the region’s laws and rules governing the timeshare industry. In addition, timeshare cases are very demanding and require timeshare exit experts who are close to home.


It can be hard to grasp the timeshare contract details and the state’s law. Thus, you need a lawyer who is willing to explain all timeshare matters and present to you an array of options to mull over before making a decision.

Compatibility and Availability

Though an attorney may be well-experienced with an excellent track record, they may not dedicate enough time to your case. Also, you need somebody you can comfortably work with without conflicts and trust issues.

You need timeshare exit experts to help you go through the process legally and smoothly. If you are ready to cancel your timeshare, contact us today for assistance.

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