Do the Fees Keep Piling Up for Your Timeshare?


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In 2019, timeshare maintenance fees averaged $1,112 monthly. Did you know you can travel 12 weeks out of the year and stay in luxury resorts for the same cost? That’s mind-blowing, especially when you can’t even seem to schedule a time to use your own timeshare. It is all about the big picture when it comes to being sold a timeshare.

Salespeople describe your lavish potential future owning a convenient timeshare. All of the details of timeshare ownership are described in-depth with a brief glossing over of fees. You won’t need to worry about those, right? After all, you are sharing with others and the fees are covered by everyone.

Of course, you already understood there would be maintenance fees. What may not have been outlined clearly was the fact that they don’t stay manageable or minor. The truth is, those costs are the absolute worst part of owning timeshares. Fees always spiral out of control the longer you own a timeshare. A timeshare cancel service is your only option when you want to make a timeshare exit.

Did You Know You Are Responsible for Upgrades and Changes?

Timeshare owners are not often aware of the financial responsibility that comes under the umbrella of special assessment fees. They aren’t exactly embarked upon while you’re being sold a timeshare. You could be stuck paying special assessment fees to upgrade a timeshare. This type of fee isn’t to be confused with maintenance fees.

Hey, you’ll be able to enjoy those upgrades, right? Not necessarily. It is quite common for timeshare companies to own many properties. When one property is upgraded, they can and do spread the cost across all properties they own. You could be paying for upgrades you aren’t even getting. It’s time to look into timeshare exit and support services at this point.

Lower Property Values Cause Higher Fees

Maintenance fees are not stagnant and neither is the quality of a timeshare. Manageable maintenance fees don’t stay manageable and end up adding up quickly. It is typically for them to increase annually which means they far exceed the cost of inflation.

Worse yet, the older a timeshare gets, the more it will require repairs. Yes, you guessed it. That increases maintenance fees on a property with decreasing value. You pay more while receiving less and less over time. Timeshare cancellation is an option that can get you out of a terrible timeshare situation.

Learn How to Get Rid of a Timeshare Legally

When you were sold your timeshare, chances are the sales team made statements that were misleading or just false promises. Important disclosure may have been omitted in which you should have been informed. Essentially, consumer protection laws were more than likely broken. A timeshare cancel service can discuss all of your options and help you plan an excellent timeshare exit strategy.

A Timeshare Cancel Service Is the Answer

Timeshare cancel companies work with reputable timeshare lawyers that fully understand the law. Most timeshare contracts have a period of time in which to cancel, depending on state laws. If you have just purchased a timeshare and believe it was a mistake, timeshare cancel service companies can help.

Cancel the Right Way with Services Offered by Timeshare Cancel Service Companies

There is a way out of an unwanted timeshare. Reputable timeshare cancel companies that have already assisted thousands of clients and can help you too. Get out of a rigid, expensive timeshare contract using their services. Contact a consultant today to schedule a free consultation. You can rid yourself of a timeshare legally and those nasty timeshare fees.

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