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There was a time when timeshares were a popular way to visit a luxury location once a year. Some love the idea of a timeshare, and it has worked well for them. However, there is about 85% of people regret their decision shortly after they made the decision. New timeshares have an average price of around $20,040. Unfortunately, by that time, it could be too late. There are some reputable timeshare lawyers that can help you cancel your timeshare. However, you may want to try to cancel your timeshare on your own first.

Contact the Resort

Before you contact reputable timeshare lawyers, contact the resort to determine if they can help you surrender your property. When you surrender your property, that means that you are returning it back to the company. You may have to pay a hefty fee to surrender it back to the company, but sometimes they will take it back. Sometimes, the company will require you to prove you have a financial hardship. For example, they may require that you are not behind on your dues or carry a balance.

Stop Payment

Before contacting reputable timeshare lawyers, you may consider no longer making payment on a loan you may have. However, before you do this, make sure you understand the consequences of this choice. If you have a loan for your timeshare and you decide to stop paying on it, it could impact your credit score. This is because the lender only looks at the fact that you borrowed money and stopped paying the loan. They are not interested in what the loan was for.


You could contact reputable timeshare lawyers to remove you from the timeshare. You could attempt to resell your timeshare. You may get next to nothing for your timeshare, but you will no longer have to worry about it. If someone is willing to buy your timeshare, you give your deed to the person ready to buy the property. That is the person who is now responsible for paying all the timeshare fees. There are some sites geared towards selling timeshares where you can list them. You could also try Craiglist and eBay.

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