Tips on How to Avoid Being Sucked into a Timeshare


how to exit a timeshare

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Timeshare salespeople are known to be very aggressive in their approach, putting a lot of pressure on potential customers. They often make it seem like if you don’t buy it now there’ll never be another chance to do so again. This is one of those classic timeshare tactics where they have an answer for every objection anticipated by the buyer, and rejection doesn’t discourage them at all. You must understand how to exit a timeshare before you join one. Here are a few tips you can follow to help you avoid being sucked into a timeshare.

Do not Take the First Order

You need to know that one of the biggest complaints about timeshares is annual fees, which you’re obligated to pay each and every year, regardless if you book an airline trip. This fee starts small but with time it will rise to exorbitant levels within a few years, yet there is no clear idea on how to exit a timeshare.

But wait, there’s more! Enquire about a two-year trial membership, you will get unlimited vacation weeks and my first year’s annual fee will be waived among other benefits in exchange for some commitment from your end (just $124 annually). The more you bargain, the cheaper the offer becomes and you save yourself the nightmare of losing a lot of money if you decide to cancel your timeshare.

Read the Details of the Contract

The timeshare people will give you a binder full of documents and an inch-thick “disclosure guide” that has further references to points. It will clearly outline that all reservations are subject to availability until you do a search for the vacation club and find out that this is not so. It’s a big problem when a single vacation week eats up more points than you can ever collect in one year, much less the four vacations promised. By the time you get to the site and find out that there are not enough points for your vacation, it will be too late as they have already cashed your check.

Getting back your money is far from reality. Understand the finer details of the contract to know what you are getting yourself into and whether you really want to commit your money and also the terms and conditions on how to exit a timeshare.

If you did get sucked into purchasing a timeshare and now need assistance on how to exit a timeshare, there are professionals out there to help. To learn more about exiting a timeshare, contact us today and we will do our part by providing you with the number one timeshare exit strategy.

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