3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Timeshare Attorney


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Timeshare law can be confusing and challenging for anyone who doesn’t have experience with it. The laws surrounding timeshare ownership are often different from state to state, as well as from country to country, but they’re important to know, seeing that over 50% of timeshare owners spent north of $10,000 on their timeshare, according to The Timeshare Guru. Read on for three great reasons why you should procure the services of a timeshare attorney.

1. They Protect Owners Legally

Owners should seek the legal representation of a timeshare attorney if they wish to protect their rights as owners. This is especially true for timeshare investors, who may face significant legal consequences if they violate laws or aren’t licensed by the state in which they’re selling timeshares. It’s important for timeshare owners to know their rights as this can help protect them from potential timeshare scams, and when attempting to exit timeshares legally. Since timeshare attorneys are knowledgeable about timeshare law, they can protect owners and investors from unscrupulous timeshare dealers who may attempt to sell timeshares without an owner’s permission.

2. They Help Recognize Licensed Dealers

Timeshare dealers should be licensed to operate in the state in which they are selling timeshares. In addition to being licensed, dealers should also be registered with the state. If a dealer is not licensed or registered, they shouldn’t be offering timeshare deals. Timeshare attorneys can assist with differentiating a licensed dealer from an unlicensed one. Licensed dealers are required to follow state laws and regulations, while unlicensed dealers are likely to use false representations to sell timeshares.

3. They Help Owners Exit Timeshares Legally

A timeshare attorney can help you to exit your timeshare contract by taking advantage of different grounds for timeshare termination. Those grounds include promising tax benefits, neglecting to mention costly fees or restrictions, and intimidating you into buying. Some companies can also assist with transferring a timeshare title while helping timeshare owners protect their investments, maintain their good credit and avoid hefty fees.

Many people are unaware of the benefits that come with receiving assistance from a timeshare attorney. The three reasons above are just a few of the advantages that you could receive. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your timeshare.

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