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Nothing is more burdensome than an unwanted timeshare. That is, except perhaps an unwanted gift from your mother-in-law that you have to display every time she comes over. (But honestly, it’s probably even worse than that.) In all seriousness, you’re no doubt very frustrated. You spent tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars on a timeshare. Then you discovered a hard truth. You just never seem to have the time and opportunity to go. Even worse, you’re probably paying thousands in maintenance fees and dues every year. Moreover, timeshare salespeople often use high-pressure sales tactics. If you don’t discover the downsides soon enough, though, you’re stuck. And you’re not the only one. You’re Not Alone in Time Share Regret While timeshares at first seem like a brilliant idea – vacation homes you don’t have to take care of! – the luster quickly tarnishes. Consumers quickly discover the difficulties and hidden fees in this business model. In many cases, however, it’s too late to back out by the time those realizations hit. Dr. Amy Gregory, University of Central Florida assistant professor, published a study on the downsides of timeshares. Redweek reports her findings:
  • 85 percent of all timeshare buyers regret their purchase. Only 15 percent can get out from under it.
  • 41 percent of buyers were sure they wouldn’t regret their purchase, while 30 percent were neutral. Yet, all came to rue the decision eventually.
  • 95 percent of buyers turn out to have further questions after they make their purchase. They contact the resort or sales staff after the fact, often when it’s too late
Why are we telling you this, though? Doubtless, you already know all about the un-shiny downsides of timeshare ownership. The question becomes, then, how on Earth do you get out from under it? Because like death or taxes, timeshares seem to be an irrefutable fact of life. They’re something you’re stuck with until the grim reaper comes to take you. How depressing. It could be worse, though. What if you need that money for a real purpose like medical care, a home, college tuition for your children? That’s when depression transforms quickly into desperation. Deep breaths. We can help. How to Get Rid of an Unwanted Timeshare The two best answers to an unwanted timeshare are:
  1. Timeshare Title Transfer: Do you own the mortgage on your timeshare free and clear? We can help you transfer that title. This will unchain you from the burden of ongoing financial obligation. Plus, it’ll keep your children clear of unwanted debt.
  2. Timeshare Mortgage Cancellation: Frequently, over-eager salespeople neglect to mention important aspects of timeshare ownership. Did their sales pitch leave out unsavory details that left you holding the bag? You may well qualify for timeshare mortgage cancellation.
Whether you own your timeshare outright or currently have payments left on your mortgage, your situation is not hopeless. Rather than drowning under the weight of hidden fees and broken promises, it’s time to take action. Ready to see that unwanted timeshare off and get your life back? Let Lonestar Transfer help you say goodbye to this incredible financial burden and hello to a new era of peace and freedom today. Give us a call at (855) 722-3166 or contact us through the website for more information. We’re here for you and your family, and we invite you to put us to the test today. Because isn’t that horrible vase from Mom-in-law a heavy enough burden? We think so too, so just call.

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