5 Tips For Choosing a Timeshare Attorney

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The timeshare concept goes back to the 1960s and continues to evolve today. The law around timeshares is challenging; as a result, it requires an attorney with experience. Many people change their minds shortly after entering an agreement. According to Finn Law Group, 15% is the average rate of rescission, which is almost the same as the daily average percentage of people that buy a timeshare right after a presentation. These are the top five tips for choosing the right attorney.

Timeshare Law Experience

In addition to being challenging, timeshare law is tricky. You want to make sure you select a lawyer with experience. You could even ask questions like, “What information should I know about my timeshare documentation?” When you hire someone with experience, it helps your case.

Client Reviews

You want to look at the feedback from clients of the lawyer you are considering. This can give you a glimpse into what people think of the attorney and their law firm. You may be able to find out information about the number and details of the cases they have won. This can also help to ensure the lawyer can review my timeshare documentation.

Lawyer That is Accessible

You want to ensure that the lawyer you select is always available to answer your questions or calm your concerns. You do not want to hire someone that is drowning in work and will not be able to help you. If the lawyer is super busy, they may not be able to pay attention to the details of your case.

Now the Right Time

After you sign a timeshare contract, you have a limited period of time in which you can cancel. It is ideal to cancel within that time frame. You want to find a lawyer quickly and think about sharing my timeshare documentation so they can help you cancel timely.

Use A Service

You may be able to find a network of law firms that can help you find a lawyer in your city or state. This can help you narrow down all your choices.

When you enter a timeshare contract, you want to be sure you understand all the terms of the contract. A timeshare attorney is the best person to help you navigate that process.

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