How to Exit a Timeshare on Good Terms


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If you have a timeshare and are ready to exit the plan, you want to be sure that you leave the situation on good terms. There are a few proven ways you can be released from your timeshare and get the timeshare documentation showing you are no longer an owner. Here is how you can be free of your timeshare.

Make The Call

When you call the resort to talk about getting timeshare documentation showing you are free and clear, you’ll want to be sure you speak to the right person. You may have to talk to several people before you get to the person that can help. You have to use the right terminology to ensure you are not connected to another salesperson that is going to press you to keep it.

About 23% of Florida’s resorts are made up of timeshares according to TMS. Resorts are very good at selling timeshares and not so good about taking them back. Using the right language when you call is essential. Ask to speak to whoever handles “surrenders” or “deed backs”. This will connect you with the right person.

Don’t List it For Sale

You can walk away from a timeshare if you can sell it. This is one of the hardest routes to go. You will have to gather your timeshare documentation and read it thoroughly so you’re familiar with any restrictions and obligations. Once you have all your ducks in a row and understand what you’re selling, list it. But in most cases, listing it will take more work than just transferring the timeshare out of your time. You can do this with a timeshare exit expert,

The Rescission Period

If you have buyer’s remorse after reviewing your timeshare documentation, you can cancel. However, you can only cancel within the rescission period, which can range from 10 days to 90 days. Check your documentation to see if you are still within your cancelation period.

Use Professional Support

Getting out of a timeshare can be a challenge. A lot of people have found success by working with a company that focuses on getting people out of their timeshare. You will need to pay a fee but you will wind up free of your timeshare and be able to walk away without penalties.

If you are done with paying for your timeshare, there are ways to get out. Learn more about how to walk away from your timeshare today by contacting Lonestar Transfer.

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