For years our family owned firm has been helping Timeshare owners just like yourself get rid of their Timeshare and the lifetime financial burden that comes with them. We would love to talk to you about your situation, and show you how we can help you achieve the same freedom from your Timeshare that our clients have experienced.

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Trusted Clients
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Timeshare Transfer Service
Are timeshare annual maintenance bills and special assessments piling up on you? For many, owning a timeshare has become a financial nightmare that never seems to end. They’ve tried to sell it, some have tried to give it away, and others have tried to pay others to take it from them, but usually never find a person willing to take on the lifetime financial burden that comes with them.

At Lonestar Transfer we do not buy or sell timeshares. Timeshare owners that currently have a mortgage would not qualify for the transfer program, but would qualify for the timeshare mortgage cancellation program.

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Mortgage Cancellation
You can legally cancel your timeshare contract and mortgage with our timeshare cancellation program.

About The Program:
Chances are when you were sold your timeshare; the sales staff may have made misleading statements and false promises, and in many cases even left out important disclosures that you legally should have been told.

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Who We Are

For over decade now, Karen and Bryan Holloway have been working in timeshare owner advocacy to help owners stuck in timeshares. They spent much of this time consulting timeshare owners on how to stop the financial burden of a timeshare contract and coordinating financial relief to timeshare owners who desired a legal and permanent solution to discontinuing ownership.

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