2 Key Things to Look for to Avoid Getting Scammed into a Timeshare


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Timeshares come across as incredible deals. After all, you get access to a vacation home at your dream destination at a fraction of the cost. In reality, you could end up short-changed instead. According to Legal Fees Deductible, about 56% of people wanted to cancel a timeshare because of being unable to afford it. Others have become victims of timeshare property resale scams.

Luckily, this article details vital warning signs to avoid getting scammed into a timeshare. With this information, it’ll be easier to eschew con artists, but seeking assistance from a timeshare exit company is another option. If it so happens that you fall victim to a timeshare scam, you’ll also know who to contact and get help.

1. Exceptionally High Upfront Fees

Many scams involve a timeshare reseller promising to get you a buyer fast, but only after you pay an upfront fee. They set the fees a little too high and will insist that you complete the transaction quickly. Once you pay, they may disappear. Others say they can only offer an advertisement for you and can’t guarantee to get you a buyer. After some time, the reality will dawn on you that getting your money back may be impossible.

To avoid falling for this scam, talk to an attorney in the state where the timeshare accommodation is located. Find out the relevant laws, especially about collecting advanced fees. Additionally, get in touch with a timeshare exit support company to initiate the cancelation process.

2. Being Pushed to Sign Documents Quickly

If the person offering the timeshare seems in a rush to have you sign a contract, you may be falling into a scam. Such people are fast-paced con artists who want you to append your signature on a document that has terms only they know about. Instead of going through with the timeshare plan, take the documents provided and read them carefully. Involve a contract attorney or an expert in timeshare exit support to help understand what you’re getting yourself into.

If you think you’ve fallen prey to a timeshare scam, contact a timeshare exit support expert. You should also talk to the Department of Real Estate in your state and the Federal Trade Commission to report the timeshare scheme. This will prevent other people from becoming victims, and it’ll be a step toward recovering any losses. Contact us today to receive assistance exiting your timeshare.

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