5 Questions to Ask Your Timeshare Cancel Service

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“Heads in beds” has become so important to timeshare resorts, up to 47% of them utilize online travel agencies. It’s enough to make valued members want to get rid of their timeshares. Are you ready to safely be rid of your timeshare?

You need to find a trustworthy timeshare exit team. Understandably, you want to be cautious when using a cancellation service so you don’t become a victim of scams. Below are 5 questions you should ask a timeshare cancellation service.

1. How Long Does It Take and Should You Make Continued Payments?

Fully getting rid of a timeshare takes quite a while. Ask exit consultants exactly how long it will take for your cancellation to be in full effect. The main reason for doing this is because you may be required to continue making payments until the timeshare contract is voided by the courts. Otherwise, you could get stuck making old payments.

2. Will You Be Free From Future Timeshare Obligations?

A reliable timeshare cancel service will answer yes to this question. If they do not, chances are they are not a true timeshare cancellation company. If you still owe money, what you just paid for is a timeshare resale or foreclosure, not an actual cancellation.

3. Should You Expect to Get Money Back?

Once the property is no longer in your possession, should you expect to get any money back? Typically, the answer is no. Timeshares are rarely worth anything on the resale market. You can expect to lose money on a timeshare instead of getting any back.

4. How Much Do Cancellation Services Cost?

Get a clear idea concerning how much a timeshare cancel service is going to charge you before you sign a contract. The answer may vary, but it still gives you a general idea. Unforeseen factors could impact the price. Otherwise, a legitimate timeshare exit team will provide you with the exact cost.

5. Will Your Credit Be Affected?

Trusted exit teams are honest. They will let you know that your credit could be affected. When banks notice you have delinquent payments, you can expect your credit score to drop.

Make the stressful process of exiting a timeshare easier. Ask the questions above and use the services of a timeshare cancel service that operates with full transparency. They are dedicated to helping you strategically exit an unwanted timeshare.

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