5 Signs You Should Hire a Timeshare Attorney

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Timeshares always seem like a great idea on the surface, but they often get people into a lot of trouble when there are additional hidden fees and other surprises that they didn’t bargain for. Here are the five signs that you need a timeshare attorney.

Your Timeshare Is Not What Was Advertised

A common gimmick in the timeshare industry is to show people the property in a certain way, and then present them with the actual property even though it doesn’t match up to their expectations. If this happens to you, you need an attorney.

It Is Impossible To Get Out Of Your Timeshare

Timeshare companies intentionally design their products to be challenging to get out of. They do this because they know that you may want out of it once you change your mind about needing one. Speak with an attorney and a timeshare exit specialist about how to get out of it.

The Timeshare Does Not Meet Building Codes

It is a serious deal if the timeshare that you sign up for doesn’t even meet building codes established for the area. That could get both the property owner and those who sold you the timeshare in some serious trouble. You don’t want to spend your time in a building that isn’t even approved by the government of the local area, so don’t waste any time getting a lawyer if you discover that the building is not up to code.

There Are Charges You Didn’t Agree To

Did you know that 95% of people who buy timeshares go back to the sales team to ask questions about maintenance fees and resale options one to three days after purchasing? Timeshare salespeople can be very aggressive and can even try to pull some tricks on you at times to squeeze even more of your money out of your pocket and into theirs. If you are afraid that this has happened to you, then you need to know that you should hold on to all important timeshare documentation to show what you agreed to when you signed up, what you did not agree to, and which charges are legitimate. Your attorney can then determine more accurately if there are some changes that can be put into the agreement that has already been signed.

You Just Want Out Of A Bad Deal

You can speak with an attorney if you just want to get out of a bad deal that you made with the timeshare people. You may or may not be able to get out of the contract, but sometimes you can earn concessions from the timeshare people just by getting an attorney to work for you in the first place.

Do you relate to any of these situations? If so, give us a call today! We will be able to provide you will help to legally get you out of your timeshare.

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