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We are very excited to receive our 600th BBB Review on the BBB Website. Our team takes great pride in providing a very high level of customer service and commitment to delivering on our promises. And with our effort comes the reward of happy, satisfied clients. We have thousands of reviews across the web and have served over 13,000 clients.

Our 600th review was left by Doug E.

Lonestar was very thorough. They have it all covered. Everything they said they would do, they did. We are very pleased with our experience.

Thank you Doug and all of our other clients for taking the time to leave a review on the BBB site, Google or Facebook, we truly appreciate your kind words.

We have many other testimonials from real clients that you can view on our Reviews page. Our team is dedicated to our customers and it shows if you take the time to read through the reviews.

What is the BBB?

The Better Business Bureau is an organization that contains business profiles and charity reports. Millions of users come to the BBB site annually to view reports, reviews and profiles for businesses and charities.

Aside from providing information the BBB complaint service is a free dispute resolution service to consumers. BBB acts as a neutral third party to assist both the consumer and the business with their communication, in the hopes a mutually acceptable resolution can be reached.

What is the BBB Rating System?

A BBB rating represents the BBB’s opinion of how a business or organization is likely to interact with their customers. The BBB seeks and uses information directly from businesses and from public data sources, including complaints from the public. At Lonestar Transfer, we are happy to hold an A+ Rating with the BBB.

What can the BBB do to prevent scams?

In timeshares, scams are common. You may have been scammed in to getting a timeshare, lied to or had your agreement change. Fist, Lonestar is a trusted company, if that we not true, we wouldn’t be around, like many other timeshare exit companies that have disappeared. The BBB works with local, state and federal agencies to identify and make consumers aware of fraudulent practices and companies.

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