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Since 2010 our team has canceled over 16,000 timeshares and eliminated over $300,000,000 in timeshare mortgage and maintenance fee debt for our clients.
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Roger H.

“I’m so glad we finally found Lone star Transfer. Unfortunately before I found them, I went with another company who charged me $6,000 and then promptly disappeared with my money. It took a pretty big leap of faith to try it again. But Emily and her co-workers put me at ease pretty quick, and true to their word they helped me get out of my unwanted timeshare. They kept me informed of the process along the way, and everything went just as they said it would. Thank you again Emily? – Roger and Kay”

James S.
“Nearing retirement, my wife and I wanted to lessen any unneeded financial debts. The timeshare was fun for a while, but the yearly maintenance fees kept going up with no end in sight, as did the costs of using other properties in the system. One call to Lone Star Transfer changed everything. They explained everything up front, were specific – and very reasonable – as to their costs, and helped us through every step of the process. They said it could take twelve months, but here we are, free and clear of that dreadful burden in less than 6. We cannot recommend Lone Star Transfer too highly. Call them today and you get free, too!”
Lorraine B.
“We contacted Lonestar after being very frustrated and unable to book the times we wanted with our property. We should have got rid of it years ago, but were never able to. After hearing the advertisement for Lonestar, we took a chance, and it was the best thing we have ever done with regard to our timeshares. Although it was understood the process could take up to a year, we were delighted to find it took less than four months, done and dusted, signed off. So grateful to Lonestar that we will never again have to fork out high maintenance fees ! Thanks to all your staff.”
Gary B.
“Can’t say enough positive things about Lonestar Transfer LLC. They did exactly what they said they would do at the price we were quoted and got it done in half the time we were expecting. We highly endorse Lonestar Transfer for anyone in need of getting out of their lifetime commitment to a timeshare or fractional. Thank you for such great service.”

We Get You Out of Your Timeshare – Guaranteed!

Our primary service is our title transfer service. This service helps burdened timeshare owners by legally transferring their timeshare property title out of their name. Once the transfer is complete, all financial liability is removed from the previous owners.

For timeshare owners that still have a mortgage on their timeshare and don’t qualify for our timeshare transfer service, we’ve created a second very successful program known as timeshare mortgage cancellation. In this service we work directly with you to cancel your timeshare with the resort where you purchased it.

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Timeshare Transfer and Mortgage Cancellation: What You Need to Know

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