Freedom From Timeshare Ownership

Freedom From Timeshare Ownership

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Timeshares can be an exciting purchase.  According to ARCDA (American Resort Development Association), 9.9 million households own at least one timeshare. And when timeshare owners receive the pitch from the resort it sounds like the best opportunity for their family. A typical timeshare pitch boasts flexible date options, tons of availability, low maintenance fees and even free upgrades.

In the one to two hour timeshare presentation that resorts drag prospects through they really highlight all the positives of a timeshare ownership. They neglect to inform many people of the exact terms of the contract, the maintenance fees and the reality of availability. And they catch people with their guards down while they are on vacation.

What is a Timeshare?

A timeshare is a type of vacation property with shared ownership. Many times a timeshare is a lifetime commitment to the same resort or family of resorts. Typically a timeshare provides one week a year that is “your” week to use the timeshare. Some companies allow flexible booking and some have open booking done on a first-come basis.

There are fixed-week and floating-week timeshares which we described above. There are also point-based timeshares where users redeem their annual points for stays at approved resorts.

How to Get Out of a Timeshare

Getting out of a timeshare contract is typically not an easy process for the general consumer to complete. Resorts have many methods of putting timeshare owners off and making the timeshare cancelation process very difficult.

Since most timeshares come with a perpetuity clause, it means it is your forever. And some even cause the timeshare to be passed down to your heirs.

Below are a few common options for getting out of a timeshare.

Voluntary Surrender

Voluntary surrender doesn’t exist in the vast majority of timeshare contracts, so you can’t give your timeshare back to the developer for free. Some timeshare owners try to gain freedom from timeshare ownership by listing their timeshare on Ebay. It isn’t uncommon to see a $1 listing for a timeshare. That is how desperate people are to get out of a timeshare.

Sell Your Timeshare

Selling a timeshare can be just as shady as purchasing a timeshare. Many companies offer timeshare listing services to list your timeshare for sale. They collect a fee to list your timeshare and sell it. Once that period has ended, you either have to pay another fee or move on to something different. More than likely the timeshare didn’t sell because even the $1 listings on Ebay don’t sell.

So, how do you get out and gain that freedom from timeshare ownership?

Use a Timeshare Cancellation Service

Our company provides timeshare cancellation services for any timeshare owner. Whether your timeshare is paid off or if you still owe money, Lonestar Transfer will get you out of your timeshare guaranteed. If we can’t get you out, we will refund 100% of your money. 100% in writing guaranteed.

What Freedoms does Timeshare Cancellation Provide?

When our team frees you from your timeshare, there are many freedoms that you now have and will experience.

Financial Freedom

NO MORE MAINTENANCE FEES. Are there more beautiful words that this? No more annual maintenance fees for you, your family or your heirs. Canceling your timeshare will free you from these financial obligations and save you money.


Now that you are timeshare free, you have the flexibility to travel where you want to, when you want to and can pick the cost of that particular vacation or experience.

Peace of mind

Timeshare ownership can be stressful, especially if you are unable to use your ownership as much as you would like or if you are facing financial difficulties. Canceling your timeshare can provide you with peace of mind and remove a source of stress from your life. It also can give you peace that your heirs will not have the burden of annual maintenance fees and costs.

Relief from Debt

Timeshare ownership can sometimes be accompanied by debt, especially if the timeshare was purchased using financing or loans. Canceling your timeshare can relieve you of this debt and any associated financial burden.

Improved Credit Score

Canceling a timeshare can also help improve your credit score if you were struggling to make payments or had unpaid debts associated with the ownership. This can have a positive impact on your overall financial health and future borrowing opportunities.


Freedom from timeshare ownership can give you financial freedom, freedom in travel, freedom from debt and free your mind. No more worrying about the financial strain timeshares can be. Contact our team at Lonestar Transfer today for a free, no obligation, evaluation. We are leaders in the timeshare cancelation industry, with over 18,000 clients freed from their timeshare at the time of this article.

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