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Timeshare cancellation can be a complicated and challenging process, and there are many companies out there claiming to offer guaranteed timeshare cancellation services. However, it is important to be cautious when considering these claims and to do your due diligence to ensure that you are working with a reputable company. Timeshares can cause stress, frustration and financial strain. When you need to get out of your timeshare, make sure the company you choose will actually get you out.

Just because a company says “guaranteed”, do they really mean guaranteed? And in what timeframe does the guarantee cover? Sometimes companies that say they’ll guarantee your timeshare cancellation will put a very long timeframe on it, like three years! At Lonestar Transfer we guarantee we’ll get you out of your timeshare in a specified amount of time, or your money back. And ALL of this is in writing in the contract. Most of our clients are relieved from their timeshare in under twelve months.

When considering a timeshare cancellation company, it is important to do your research and look for a company that has a track record of success and positive reviews from customers. Read our reviews and see what our clients experience when working with us.

Timeshare Cancellation Process

The process of canceling a timeshare can vary depending on a number of factors, including the terms of the contract, the laws in the jurisdiction where the timeshare is located, and the specific circumstances of the owner. The resort the timeshare is with will also have a factor on how fast the timeshare cancellation will move. Some resorts are more responsive than others and those that aren’t as responsive take more time for the cancellation to be completed.

That being said, there are legitimate companies that offer timeshare cancellation services and can help owners navigate the process. Lonestar Transfer is one of those companies. Regardless of what resort your timeshare is with, we work diligently to remove you from your timeshare, guaranteed.

Don’t Get Scammed

Legitimate companies should be transparent about their fees and the process for canceling a timeshare. We guarantee our results. If we don’t follow through, legally we have to give you your money back, again it is in the contract.

Many companies will try to trick you or draw out the process, all while taking payments from you, but in reality they aren’t doing anything to get you out of your timeshare contract. Typically these companies offer a much lower fee, which sounds appealing to timeshare owners, but when no work is done and they are still locked in to their timeshare contract after a year or two, they begin to question the legitimacy of the company they’re working with.

We hear stories of instances like this regularly. In many cases the company stops responding to them or is no longer in business.

Experience Matters

If you’re working with a timeshare cancellation company that boats 20 years of experience and thousands of successful cases, can you verify that information? We come across sites and companies routinely that say they’ve been in business 20 years, they have 5 star reviews on multiple sites, etc. But, if you try to click on any of those items, they don’t go anywhere. So there is no way to verify the reviews or the length of time they’ve been in business.

An easy way to check a companies longevity is to look up the domain name they use. Domain names are public record by law. You can pay extra to protect your personal information, but it will still list the date the domain was purchased and the last time the domain was updated. You can use a site like www.whois.com to do a domain search. If the domain is already purchased, it will tell you that and you can click on the domain to see when it was purchased and when it was last updated.

This can help you weed out any scam sites or companies that are lying about their experience. Even if the domain is 10 years old, if was just updated a few months ago, they either changed hosting or they just put the site up a few months ago and are going to use it long enough to get clients to pay them for services. Then they’ll turn the site off a few months later and start a totally different one.

The domain name purchase date and last updated date don’t always tell a full story. But, if a company boasts 20 years of service and their domain name is a year old…there are questions to answer for sure.


Most companies that say they provide a guaranteed timeshare cancellation service don’t actually provide a guarantee or specify the timeframe in their contract. Search for a reputable company that you can be positive is legitimate. Call the organizations they claim to be affiliated with on their website. Search online for reviews and check the age of their domain name. Make sure that you have a contract that outlines all the fees and the timeframe they will deliver their services by. If they do offer a guarantee, make sure it is outline in the contract and that you get your money returned if they fail to remove you from your timeshare contract.

Contact Lonestar Transfer today for a fair, free consultation about your timeshare. Our team is ready to help you get out of your timeshare permanently and legally.

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