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Do you have a timeshare that you want to get out of as soon as possible? Well, you should probably keep reading then.

Timeshares can be great investments, but usually, they’re not. Unfortunately, most people who have timeshares are taken advantage of, even by companies who hide under the guise of assistance.

In this article, we will cover timeshare exit companies, how to get rid of your timeshare, and why timeshares are a bad idea sometimes. This will help you make better decisions in the future, as well as find a proper exit agency.

So whenever you’re ready to free your hands and taste the sweet nectar of freedom, keep reading.

Timeshare Exit Companies

You’ve probably seen or heard ads on the radio online from timeshare exit companies that promise to rid you of the burden of the timeshare contract. It seems quite reasonable for a lawyer to advocate for you without questionable practices or loopholes.

However, many of these exit companies make false promises that they never hold up. Timeshare exit companies will often have a money-back guarantee with the promise of helping you get rid of the timeshare.

In most cases, this entails a letter that is sent to the developer or resort to cease all communication with the owner. Cancellation lawyers usually recommend owners to stop paying for any of the fees, which is something to be looked out for. 

While you do that, they will work to help you remove ownership, which can take an amount of time that is known to be indefinite. Not to mention, some of these firms require large up-front costs that can never be recovered.

However, some companies do not take advantage of their customers, and actually want to help them remove the burden.

Timeshare exit doesn’t necessarily have a cost associated with it, however, companies can in fact charge thousands of dollars to help you cancel the timeshare. In most cases, this is not legitimate. 

The Better Business Bureau has lots of information about timeshare cancellation and common cancellation scams. If you are looking for an actual way to get out of a timeshare, you should not pay excessive fees, especially when you can make use of legal and safe options.

We are one of the agencies that uphold our word and never take advantage of our customers because we truly understand the pains of having a money-hungry timeshare with consequential implications. 

We advise you to keep reading so that you can learn more about timeshare exit.

Are These Companies Legit?

As the owner of a timeshare, you have many resources at your disposal. For instance, the American Resort Development Association is the leading group for buyers, sellers, developers, and owners in the industry. 

They have lots of guidance and free resources that help you find your way. After contacting the developer or resort, you should check out the coalition for the responsible exit, which will ensure you cover all bases.

Many timeshare cancellation agencies are not members of the ARDA, and they are not recommended by the responsible exit coalition. Members of the coalition and ARDA follow strict ethical codes with safe in-house programs for owners who want to exit their timeshares.

However, this does not instantly discredit agencies that do not work with these faculties. Many legit companies avoid the coalition and association to help reduce costs of business operation and to provide a broader service range to their clients. 

Nonetheless, if a timeshare lawyer advises you to stop paying mortgage or maintenance fees, be wary. These dues and fees are legally binding. If you stop paying them, your ownership can be foreclosed and your credit will be hurt.

When you read the fingerprints for these contracts, a forfeit of ownership is recognized as a successful exit strategy. Thus, the company will receive their money for their services from you, and you will have no legal ground to fight against their ethics.

This Is Why Timeshares Can Be Bad In the First Place

Some timeshares require you to keep your timeframe occupied at the resort. Thus, you go to the same local each year and that gets boring. Other companies have multiple resorts, so you can trade your time for another timeshare within the group.

You can stay somewhere else if you pay a fee as well. Even though this sounds great, you’re still locked to the same company. You cannot vacation out of their boundaries. 

If you’re fine with that, good. But there’s a reason so many timeshares sit on these sites without anybody buying them.

Most people who buy timeshares actually never use them too. They might mean to, but life gets in the way. They might no longer like the destination or their schedule might be too busy. 

Timeshare pitches thrive on the experiential spur of the moment impulses. The idea might sound great then, but in the future not so much.

Reality sets in and the truth come out. So what happens is you spend money and you don’t get a vacation, is that reasonable? We don’t think so.

Another reason timeshares can be bad is because of the initial cost. Some units cost over $10000 in the beginning. But that’s not it. You also pay fees to maintain the locale, which comes out to $1000+ each year. 

This fee can also be manipulated over time, and each year you pay more and more with no control over the price. When you add the fees, timeshares get super expensive. Isn’t it better to spend your money how you want and choose where you go? 

Lack of Value Appreciation

Unlike regular real estate, timeshares don’t appreciate over time. The value of the location is irrelevant to you. You are buying the time, not the building. 

It’s like buying a new car in some ways. The resale value is decreased as soon as you start driving the car. In this case, as soon as you sign the contract. Not to mention, the dampening maintenance free. 

Thus, your investment is not really an investment. If you bought a vacation home, that’s another story. 

If you insist on owning a timeshare, buy used because resale prices are always under original value. 

Real estate investments help you earn income. If you rent the home out, you get rent back. This rule does not apply to timeshares, they cost you money instead. You won’t earn anything. 

Not Liquid

Even if a timeshare was an asset, it would never be liquid. Liquid assets can be sold quickly to get money back. In this case, timeshares are hard to sell. People have trouble simply giving them away. 

If you go to the marketplace RedWeek, you will see people selling their timeshares for $1. There’s a reason no one buys them. They don’t make financial sense.

That’s not to say that some people are happy with them, but if you’re reading this article, there must be a reason you are trying to sell or get rid of it. 

Many people find timeshares a waste of money, so think carefully before you invest in more in the future. There are better ways to spend your money than to buy $1 timeshares. 

In any case, here are some strategies to help you get rid of the timeshare. 

Sell the Timeshare

The first thing that comes to mind is to sell the timeshare. Even though this is the most economical and viable way, it can still prove to be very hard to sell the timeshare. 

If you have someone to sell it to, that’s great. In some cases, some timeshares have better resale value and they do well on the market. 

The location of the property and fee amount will play the most important role in determining how much you can sell the timeshare for, and if you can even get someone to buy it. Even though sometimes it’s hard to have the timeshare be bought at your desired rate, you can still get companies to sell it for you. 

You can also make use of various timeshare resale websites. Before you do list your timeshare, you need to make sure how the website makes money. 

Some sites charge you for listing your timeshare, and it’s important to assess the fingerprint to know how much that really is. This will help you avoid unwanted charges. 

You can also consider asking around, perhaps your friends or family would like to receive ownership of the timeshare. Make sure to not be schemey and consider their future as well. Notify them of all the conditions and terms, speak about the fees, and let them assess if it’s the right choice for them.

Nonetheless, there are great listing sites that will let you do that for free. 

Company Buy-Back

Getting the developer to buy the timeshare back is quite a rate, but some companies will choose to do. Albeit, at a lower price. You will definitely not get a full refund, but if you can avoid paying the maintenance fees and rid yourself of the burden, it might as well be worth the try. 

When signing the contracts, you should always read buy-back terms in the documentation. If your contract already has the option, that’s great because you don’t even need to convince them. 

The question of how to get out of a timeshare has been on the minds of many. But if people were patient enough to read the deals properly, they would know that sometimes these questions are simply unnecessary. 

It’s wise to make sure that any future conditions and terms are suitable for you, as well as that you have an exit strategy. If you still have the initial documentation for your timeshare, make sure to read through to look for any potential loopholes. This is best done with a lawyer who understands the complex legal language. 

Timeshare Exit Agency

Finally, you can make use of timeshare exit companies that help you dissolve the contract. These companies can be quite expensive, but for most people who want to desperately remove the timeshare, the cost does not bother them. 

The exit industry is full of comments, so you need to ensure the company is genuine. We would consider using exit companies overusing single attorneys because these companies have full teams of experts that work together to solve your problem.

Since the companies are experienced in such contracts, they know the ins and outs of the industry and how to handle most cases. Make sure to research the companies and assess their history. If possible, acquire references.

Exhaustively research and accurately analyze these agencies before you consider paying for any fees. Some companies will work on a retainer basis, some companies will work on contingency. If you’re having trouble with a company you hire, consider hiring an attorney to mitigate any potential losses.

Your Exit and Our work

Now that you know what timeshare exit companies are, as well as how they work, you are well on your way to being the process of ridding yourself of the timeshare burden.

As long as you perform your due diligence when operating with exit agencies, remain patient in times of turmoil and assess all of your options, there’s no way that you will be taken advantage of. 

If you’re interested in a risk-free timeshare exit, get in touch with us and we will happily accommodate your needs. We specialize in timeshare transfer and cancellation with a legal and considerate approach to our work.

Don’t hesitate and let’s work together.

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