How Long Does a Timeshare Exit Take?


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So you’ve decided to take on your timeshare developer and try to get out of your contract. This is much more easily said than done, and the process can depend on many different factors. Not all timeshare developers work in the same manner. According to the World Tourism Organization, somewhere around 90% of the timeshare resorts in the United States work through some kind of fee-simple ownership system. But that leaves another 10% of timeshare resorts that work through different ownership systems. Additionally, ownership systems are certainly not the only factors to consider when getting out of a timeshare contract With all of this considered, how long does it typically take for owners to exit their timeshares?

What Is The Timeline For Exiting A Timeshare?

Again, everyone’s timeshare exit is individual. You may find that yours is easier or harder to get out of than another individual’s. But on average, a typical timeshare exit will take between 12 to 18 months. Keep in mind that this timeline takes into consideration the involvement of a timeshare exit company or lawyer. The process may take much longer, or in some cases be impossible, if you try to exit your timeshare on your own.

What Factors Affect The Length of This Process?

As previously mentioned, the involvement of a timeshare exit company or lawyer can change the length of the process. Different factors that can affect the length of this process include the amount of contracts attached to your timeshare. Some timeshare owners only have a single contract attached to their timeshare, while others may add on many over time. This is because each time you upgrade your timeshare or made changes to your trips, your timeshare developer would add new contracts to your timeshare. When you try to get out of your timeshare, each contract has to be canceled. The more contracts are added to your timeshare, the longer and more costly your timeshare exit will take.

Additionally, some timeshare developers have exit programs in place, while others do not, or offer exit programs that are not beneficial to owners. Therefore, the process can be dragged out further.

This is why people often work with timeshare exit companies or attorneys. The process can be simplified with the help of these professionals; and you may find yourself with much better options in the long term.

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