How to Exit a Timeshare Agreement and Maintain Your Financial Status


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Canceling a timeshare can be a tedious process, whether you are using the property or not. Many timeshare exit companies have people that handle surrenders or deed-backs. It is best to try to explain your situation to an exit company thoroughly, so they can come up with the best plan for you. Check out some methods you can use to keep your finances in place and exit timeshares legally.

Cut Down Maintenance Fees

You should first contact your timeshare company and try to negotiate the maintenance fees you have in place. If possible, they might be able to work out a lower interest rate or monthly payment for the time being. If not, a timeshare exit company can sit down with you and discuss how you can exit timeshares legally. They have the knowledge and experience to know the right steps to take.

Resell It

Getting the load off your shoulders by giving it to someone else is a way to exit timeshares legally. You can rely on a timeshare exit company to transfer the property ownership to another person or organization. This will allow you to escape the unnecessary fees of a property you might not use often without affecting your financial status. According to Legal Fees Deductible, a timeshare is estimated to be worth about $20000 if you are looking to sell yours. Without frequent use, paying the maintenance fees can be costly with little reward. A timeshare exit company can help you weigh the pros and cons and also present your options for transferring, canceling, and reducing costs.

Set Your Expectations

When you are looking to exit your timeshare, it’s important to set your expectations straight with all parties involved. With that said, you should narrow down whether you are looking to make a resale, provide a beneficiary benefit, or want to completely cancel the program.

To exit timeshares legally can be hectic without the help of a professional timeshare exit company. For more information on how to exit your timeshare, contact Lonestar Transfer today! Our team can listen to your personal situation and come up with a reliable plan for exiting your timeshare.

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