Important Strategies for Exiting Your Timeshare


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According to Home Guides, the yearly maintenance fee for a timeshare alone averages about $786. Protecting your finances and finding the most cost-effective ways out is essential. Here are three of the best strategies for exiting your timeshare.

Hire A Licensed Timeshare Lawyer

A successful timeshare exit includes a competent lawyer. His job is negotiating with the resort for contract removal and protecting your legal interests. A reasonable attorney will be open and honest with you about the entire process. More importantly, he should be able to argue relevant facts on your behalf and be great at managing extra costs in the litigation process.

Finding the best attorneys requires research. You need to identify a company that does not offer guarantees because they will charge a hefty upfront and might still lose the case. Be sure to check their track record and review their lawsuits.

Use a Timeshare Exit Company

A timeshare exit company will act as your legal representative, and through them, you will communicate your intent to cancel the contract. The exit company will send notifications to your timeshare company, and their attorneys will follow the legal process on your behalf.

Avoid Selling Your Timeshare

This strategy might sound reliable but unfortunately, it is riddled with scammers, and you must be extra vigilant to avoid falling prey. It’s always best to consult a timeshare exit expert. They will be able to give you the best advice.

When attempting a timeshare exit, understand your contract and find a reputable attorney or exit company. Call us today for more guidance on your timeshare exit.

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