Is Getting Out of a Timeshare Difficult? Don’t do it alone


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According to Time Share Consumer Guide, about 20 million households own a timeshare. A good number are also looking to get out of it. Unfortunately, getting out of a timeshare can be a nightmare. But there are people out there who can help you get out of a timeshare with ease. Professional timeshare exit experts make it possible to exit your timeshare to get rid of unwanted financial obligations. If you choose to try to exit a timeshare on your own, here’s how it can be difficult.

Endless Paperwork

Anyone who has ever bought a timeshare knows that there is a lot of paperwork and timeshare documentation questions involved. Resorts probably do this to protect themselves by making things so difficult for you if you ever decide to drop it. This paperwork is often packed with industry terms that you won’t understand. For instance, you will find things like the Right of Refusal Clause and Perpetuity Clauses. These stipulations will definitely confuse you. To make matters worse, salespeople tend to distract people when they are getting into these contracts. As such, you won’t fully understand everything you agree to when you put your signature on the dotted line.

Short Recession Periods

Another thing that makes it so difficult to get out of a timeshare is the short recession periods. When you purchase a timeshare, you will be given some time to cancel and get a refund without any long processes and complications. However, instead of making this period long enough for people to figure out what they would have gotten themselves into, the period is so short. As such, by the time you start thinking of getting out or when you have some timeshare documentation questions, it will be too late. After this time window passes, you will have to follow some very difficult steps so you can get out of your timeshare.

Limited Alternative Options

Another factor that makes it so difficult to get out of a timeshare is the limited options available. If dealing with your timeshare starts to overwhelm you, it’s natural to imagine whether it’s possible to just sell it to someone else. However, there aren’t a lot of buyers in the market. If someone wants to buy a timeshare, they will probably go for a new unit. Also, companies that provide timeshares make it highly difficult for owners to sell. They want timeshare owners who pay on time, so if you have a regular payment track record, they will try as hard as possible to make sure you won’t sell.

These are some of the reasons why getting out of a timeshare can be a nightmare to tackle alone. If you’re having difficulties getting out of a timeshare, it’s best to seek help from a timeshare exit expert. They will help you understand all the timeshare documentation questions you may have. Get in touch with Lonestar Transfer today to work with our team of experienced professionals.

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