Is There a Way to Get Out of a Timeshare Contract Immediately After Signing?


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If you’ve signed a timeshare contract and you don’t want to pay for another year or more, there might be ways to get out of the contract immediately after signing, even if your timeshare is located in the second most popular timeshare destination in the US: Hawaii, according to SFGATE. Read below to learn more about your exit options.

Purchase Out of Contract

You can purchase the timeshare out of contract. This means that you don’t sign a timeshare agreement with the timeshare company. Instead, you pay the full cost of the timeshare to the timeshare salesperson, who then sells the timeshare to you. You have the right to use the timeshare at the timeshare resort for a limited period of time. Before you buy out of the contract, however, you’ll want to make sure that you can legally use the timeshare per federal and state laws. It’s important to examine the validity of your timeshare contract before you sign and perhaps consult timeshare exit experts. The term “validity” means that the contract meets all the legal requirements to be legally binding.

Consult Consumer Protection Authorities

Consumer protection authorities might be able to help you examine the validity of your timeshare contract. These authorities might include the Better Business Bureau (BBB), your state attorney general’s office, and your local consumer protection agency. The BBB is a private organization that offers advice and reviews on businesses. It offers a number of guides that help consumers compare and choose businesses.

Negotiate With a Timeshare Salesperson

One possible exit from a timeshare contract is to negotiate directly with the timeshare salesperson. If you have a salesperson who has signed you up for a timeshare, it’s worth trying to negotiate a better deal with that person. Timeshare salespeople are often under strict quotas for the number of timeshare sales they make. They might be willing to give you a better deal if you ask for it. If you have a specific issue with the timeshare contract, such as the contract length, you might be able to negotiate the salesperson down.

Be warned: If you sign a timeshare contract, you need to make sure you’re getting what you need from the agreement. If you can’t negotiate a better deal, you can try to exit the contract. Contact us today to learn more from our timeshare exit experts.

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