Nickel and Dimed: The Real Cost of Timeshares


how to get out of a timeshare purchase

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Vacations are a serious topic, especially when it comes to timeshares. What are you willing to pay to enjoy a week in a location of your choice? How about $25,000 or more with an interest rate of 14% along with $900 or more in fees every year? Does that sound like a good deal? It isn’t, but many people invest that much, which is standard for the timeshare industry.

How Much Does a Timeshare Really Cost?

Per the American Resort Development Association, the average price for a timeshare is over $21,000. Taking out a mortgage for a 10-year loan at an interest rate of 17.9% is estimated to cost $41,000. That’s what a timeshare could end up costing you if you finance it. That’s not counting updates and annual maintenance fees.

Did a Timeshare Resort Say You Would Save Money?

Many resorts promise a potential buyer if they invest in a timeshare, they will actually save money over time. However, facts show that those promises are not true. Do you own a timeshare now and want to know how to get out of a timeshare purchase? In an age focused on a sharing economy with short-term rentals available, timeshares make less sense.

Crippling Fees Make Timeshare Ownership a Burden

Have you noticed the fees increasing for your timeshare? When interest fees increase, inevitably, so do timeshare fees by 3% to 5%. If you purchased a timeshare from a luxury resort, you can expect those fees to jump even higher.

The costs of timeshare ownership can be crippling, especially as Americans age and need to live on a fixed income. Another number that is rising is the number of people trying to find out how to get out of a timeshare purchase. You want to make sure you are using a timeshare exit service that works with timeshare lawyers and guarantees their results in writing. This is the first step in getting the job done right.

Understand How to Get Out of a Timeshare Purchase

Reliable timeshare exit companies know exactly how to get out of a timeshare purchase. They can assist you in becoming legally free from the burden of timeshare ownership. Feel at ease using their services knowing they have years of expertise, a money-back guarantee, and a proven track record. Get started by requesting a 100% free, no-obligation consultation today.

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