I was very skeptical when I first contacted Lone Star Transfer but I was desperate to get out of our timeshare. I am pleased to say that the people at Lone Star did everything they told me they would do and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I would absolutely recommend Lone Star Transfer to anyone who feels like they totally signed their life away when purchasing a timeshare. Thank you so very much to the team at Lone Star Transfer!!

Brenda S.

We heard about Lone Star Transfer from a national host on a local radio station. I called them and explained my situation. They were very knowledgeable about what had to be done to get us out of our paid off timeshare. The whole process only took a couple of phone calls and within a few months we received a letter stating that we no longer own the timeshare. We were very happy with the process and would recommend them to anyone wanting to get out of their timeshare.

James P.

Lonestar Transfer did EXACTLY what they said they could do to release my mother from her ownership. Having been shafted by two other companies that just took her money, we are very thankful for the timely completion of her timeshare ownership.

Kay P.

Having been duped by other so-called get out of your timeshare companies, I was rather hesitant in even contacting Lonestar Transfer for fear of being persuaded to try again to dispose of our timeshare. Having heard the ad on while listening to a well known media personality,I made the call and was immediately convinced that Lonestar Transfer had my best interest in mind. It took a few months, but I now have letters in hand that assure me that I no longer a timeshare holder. I would not hesitate in recommending Lonestar Transfer for disposing of your albatross timeshare.

Art S.

Texas based Company. Everyone that we were involved with did a timely and professional job. The whole process from initial contact to completion took about 6 months. I would use them again!

Eric W.

After years of attempting to close out a Timeshare contract and paying other companies claiming to end our contract, switching to Lonestar Transfer was the only company that did the job we paid them for. We were impressed with Lonestar Transfer because each time we contacted them they responded to our questions or concerns with professionalism and courtesy. We worked with several Client Care Consultants who were knowledgeable about the process, reassuring, and would contact us when there was a new development in our case

Lawrence V.

Lone Star Transfer was a godsend! We have been wanting to get out from under our timeshare for years and continuing to spend thousands of dollars on maintenance fees and club dues. They made the process so easy for us! Everyone involved was extremely knowledgeable with the process (including the sectary answering the phone). They were friendly and patient with explaining things every step of the way. They kept in touch regularly until the final papers were signed. We would highly recommend Lone Star Transfer to anyone interested in getting out from under their timeshare

Jennifer R.

Our daughter is always looking out for us and this time was no different! She recommended we use Lone Star Transfer to successfully get us out of all of our timeshare obligations. Being that we had ours for 31 years, we thought she was taking on a very big job that couldn’t be done. We should have had no doubts in her; Lone Star Transfer came through! The process was handled by our daughter but she kept us in the loop every step of the way. It was easy, clear to follow, and accomplished the uncommon; getting us out of our timeshare! Lone Star Transfer was excellent to work with, they explained the process and did exactly what they said they would do. We are so happy with the results and highly recommend you give them a try.

Susan D.

Excellent customer service! After getting a recommendation through our local NextDoor website, I did my homework, including BBB reviews. We are an older couple and I knew that trying to find the proper contacts, correspondence, and providing documents would be challenging. From the first phone call with Lonestar until the last document received, everyone was friendly, patient, and helpful. It did take several months but there was timely feedback and it was well worth the cost in the long run when our time share was cancelled by quit claim deed.

Cathleen K.

We have been trying to get rid of our timeshare since 2014! We have paid as much if not more in trying to get rid of the timeshare than we spent to purchase it. I found out about Lonestar Transfer this summer and once I contacted them and discussed our situation, they GUARANTEED they could help us get out of the owner liability and not pass this burden on to our children. We did speak with a couple other exit companies but Lonestar Transfer’s staff were kind, understanding, professional and courteous. They responded to all my phone calls and questions. We started the process in July 2021 and I received a phone call on December 2, 2021 telling me we no longer owned the timeshare. If you have a timeshare you want gone – give them a call. If they can’t help you they will be upfront and tell you.

Tina M.

The quality of service is second to none – these guys are the best, very professional – oh and they do what they say they will do…. If you are looking for help with Timeshare Exit, then these are the guys you should talk with – highly recommended.

George F.

A business that actually gets you out of your timeshare!

Jared W.

Professional, exceptionally courteous service. We could not be more pleased we used Lone Star Transfer to leave our timeshare behind. Absolutely 2 thumbs up!!!

Janet B.

Lonestar Transfer LLC under promised and Over Performed. It took less time than they suggested it would to complete the process. The Team at L.S.T. was easy to contact & get information from. My Time Share wasn’t horrible but it was time for us to dispose of it. We’re relived that we won’t hear from our Time Share in the future & we can move on

Jack Y.

The entire experience seemed almost too simple. They said what they would do and they did it.
I was initially skeptical about my timeshare since it was a Mexican timeshare that several outfits said they do not handle. But they seemed very familiar with my timeshare and assured me they could get it done ;and they did.

Bear in mind it’s not quick which they warned me about but still only took about 6 months from start to finish.
I highly recommend this outfit

Spencer N.

Lone Star Transfer was excellent to work with and we are so happy to be out of our timeshare. We read a lot of reviews from different companies before deciding on Lonestar and we are so glad because they made it easy and painless. I would highly recommend them!

Diane A.

Lonestar was terrific! They did exactly what they said they’d do, and in a very friendly manner! Highly recommended!

Robert D.

Lone star was supposed to be there for me. I can attest they were on top of everything and extremely happy. I certainly recommend them to help anyone get rid of their timeshare. They earned their money.

Jane B.

Excellent company. I tried several other companies to help release me from my timeshare and all were failures. Lone star was the only company to get the job done. I highly recommend their service.

Joseph L.

With appreciation to Lonestar and all the great people associated there, the burden of our timeshare has been lifted. Yes the vacation experiences were great. However, with the burden of ever increasing maintenance fees also recent travel restrictions and conditions, the future for travel appears to present challenges which expedited our decision to enlist Lonestar. All contacts I have had with Lonestar to liquidate our timeshare and continue to have, on a different timeshare, were as advertised by a media personality; professional, efficient and effective.

Gordon U.

Lone Star Transfer LLC was OUTSTANDING! Excellent customer service. I was “gifted” a timeshare that I didn’t want and Lone Star Transfer helped relieve my fears and made the process comfortable. It took longer than I wanted but this was not their fault. The timeshare company is known for lagging on their responses and COVID-19 made it worse. I am very satisfied. I would HIGHLY recommend their company to anyone who is trying to get out of their time share. This is what customer service should be for all business!

Teresa D.

Lone Star Transfer handled our claim in a very professional manner. Their agents were very helpful and responsive during the process. Even though the process took what seemed to be an extra long time it all worked out in the end. We were very pleased with the results. We recommend Lone Star Transfer.

Warren H.

We had a timeshare that was paid for but no longer being utilized. The maintenance fees and taxes were were outweighing our use of the facility. Lone Star Transfer did an excellent job in helping us out of the timeshare. Everything was done exactly as they explained it and in the time frame expected. I’d recommend their service to anyone who needed to be free from a timeshare.

Gretta C.

LoneStar accomplished all that was stated in the initial contract. Attention to detail was evident throughout the time share deed back request, and approval process. I highly recommend LoneStar Transfer to anyone who wishes to remove themselves from time share ownership and financial responsibility.

Jack P. III

As with other timeshare owners I know, I was not comfortable with spending money up front to get me out of my timeshare. However, as Lonestar Transfer said, they 100% guarantee results and they deliver. It takes a few months but I’m now a happy ex-timeshare owner. It will take a few years to recover the cost to get out of the timeshare but after that time, the maintenance fees stay in my pocket! Thanks Lone Star Transfer.

Kevin T.

I am so relieved. I struggled for years to find a way to get rid of my annual maintenance fees from two Time Share scams (Las Vegas and Carlsbad, CA). Lonestar Transfer came to my rescue. They were timely, accurate, knowledgeable and courteous. Thank you Lonestar Transfer from taking the albatross off my neck.

Jack M.

I had owned by timeshare for 30 years and heard or seen about every scam possible from selling it to using it to get a better deal with another vacation site. So I went with Lone Star because their office was close enough for me to drive to if I feel like it was a scam. Lone Star Transfer did as they said. I was very hesitate at first and did not decide to write a review until I felt comfortable it was done. Since they said they were done, my timeshare dropped my available week but that was not enough. In December, I would have received a bill for dues which I have not. I wait for this bill because it was how I found out I got scammed several years ago. So I am comfortable now in saying the process worked and I am not of my timeshare. The people were great to work with and did keep me in the loop. So I would recommend them.

Randel C.

After reviewing a number of companies that help timeshare owners exit their timeshare bondage I chose Lone Star Transfer LLC based on the excellent reviews I found on-line and advertisers like Sean Hannity. The process was simple and every time I wanted to check the status by phone my calls were always promptly answered or returned. At no time was there any hint of a problem with this transaction.

Chris H.

The Lone Star representatives I dealt with we’re extremely helpful. They explained the process and did everything very expeditiously. The only hold up we had was dealing with our property management company Lone Star was recommended to us and we were very happy with the service we received.

Sherri M.

The BEST! It took me awhile to make this decision for a lot of reason. The main reason was who are these people. But I kept hearing about Lone Star on my very favorite, trusted news stations. The transfer was VERY easy, they took care of everything for me. Then the virus hit and it took a few extra months. Everyone I ever spoke with was so very helpful and always had answered my questions. When I first signed up they even sent me a box of the best brownies ever as a thank you. Well, I’m getting ready to do it one more time. I’m tired of raising my maintenance fees and I didn’t know this but when we pass our kids would be responsible for the time share. Even though it has been paid in full years ago. I would highly recommend Lone Star, you won’t regret it. Thank you.

Ellen B.

Lonestar Transfer was an answer to a prayer. We were referred to them by a friend of ours that had heard of them. After doing some research on timeshare exit businesses we found that Lonestar was the most professional and has great reviews. We have been wanting to get out of our timeshare for a long time. The last “upgrade” we did a few years ago turned out to be deceptive and fraudulent. I am happy to report that Lonestar Transfer did a great job of orchestrating getting us out of our timeshare. We are so pleased because we now don’t have to worry about the “In Perpetuity” part of the contract that would mean when we die the timeshare is passed to our children whether they want it or not…………..another sleazy move by timeshare companies that they slip into the contract of unsuspecting victims that purchase timeshares. Lonestar Transfer was great!

Valerie W.

On our initial contact with Lone Star we were thoroughly informed as to what their contract was about, our financial requirements, and the complete return of our money if they had no success within a specified time. We liked what we heard, Hannity recommended Lone Star, and with our aging process and our adult children not being interested in our condo, we were delighted With their help to deed back our condo to the vacation company. After several other attempts to sell, we are now relieved not to burden the children with this expense. Lone Star delivered results and deserve credit for the success. It is certainly worth looking into if you are up to your neck in condo expense!
Mary E.

Walked us thru the process professionally. We were extremely satisfied with the process. We are out of our Timeshares for GOOD!
Dwayne S.

Lonestar did everything they promised to help us get rid of our timeshare. We had one point of contact with them who was always available to us. She was friendly, patient and efficient as she walked us through the steps we needed to take. Lonestar is the second company we worked with to rid ourselves of this albatross and the difference between the two is night and day. I cannot say enough good things about Lonestar.
Joseph S.

These folks are professionals , polite , and always available to help no matter how small or large the issue . I would suggest using this firm to anyone. They truly are the best at relief from timeshare ownership. I’d like to mention ” Tina and Hanna ” because they were exceptionally helpful in every aspect I can think of. Beware of other companies that sound similar ….DON’T TRY THE REST….JUST TRY THE ABSOLUTE BEST….I promise you , you’ll be happy !!
Ernest C.

I was skeptical at the outset, since I had tried 2 other firms to get rid of my Hyatt timeshares. Yes, I had more than 1. So I only gave them 1 to begin with, and when they did in fact sell it, I gave them the other one. Simply, they do what they say they will do. Thanks Lone Star Transfer.
Mark P.

I came to Lone Star because they guaranteed their results. It was expensive, but they certainly did what they agreed to do. I especially appreciated their exceptional customer service. They were responsive when ever I had a question and they tracked the action effectively to completion which was a bit of a challenge due to the COVID 19 crisis. Thanks Lone Star!
Sharon W.

Lonestar Transfer did exactly what they claimed they would do and helped me to stop paying for one of my timeshares and relinquish it back to the resort. They were very honest and told me that they could not help me with a 2nd timeshare that I also wanted to relinquish but that they could definitely help me with one of the two. The process was easy to follow and they guided me every step of the way. I am very relieved to be saving the $1200/yr timeshare fee!
Denise S.

Lone Star Transfer was referred by Sean Hannity as a good source. We had very poor experiences with other company prior and was skeptical. However, they did everything they promised for an average fee. The complete process took 6 months. Their staff was very helpful and professional. We are thankful to be free from the burden of our time share.

David F.

We were very pleased with the way Lonestar Transfer was able to help us exit our timeshare obligation, due to health problems. The associates were all very professional, letting us know what was happening each step of the way. We would highly recommend them!

Hedy K.

I was so fortunate to discover LONESTAR TRANSFER to get me out of a HILTON timeshare {that became an albatross around my neck} { that charged me over $2000 in annual fees every January} after considering other companies who claimed to provide the same service…… I coudn’t be happier with my decision to contract with LONESTAR as LONESTAR relieved me of my liability, transferrd the deed, and took care of all the legal implications. They did this efficiently and fairly quickly. They stayed in touch and provided updates. I would highly recommend them.!

Beverly P.

Lone Star Transfer got us out of our timeshare and we are so thankful! It will cost you an arm and a leg, but if you want out of your timeshare this is the only way to do it. Other companies that say they will get you out of your timeshare are scams. Lone Star Transfer is the real deal.

Melanie K.

Lone Star delivered on their promise to have us out of our timeshare within the year. When other companies were either closed or hesitant to do business, Lone Star were prompt and professional, even in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, and got us out in 8 months. We would definitely recommend them to anyone in need.

Domenico L.

Thank you Lonestar Transfer f or your assistance in getting our family out of our timeshare. Company was professional and had tremendous follow through. I would highly recommend Lonestar Transfer to anyone in need of their services.

Zachary C.

Lonestar Transfer help me to get out of my Time Share on an easy and fast way. I received guidance at every step, making me feel comfortable all the process. Their knowledge on this matter is outstanding!Thanks Lonestar!

Rafael G.

Lonestar Transfer and all of their employees have been very supportive and informative during the process. I have recommended them to several friends and family with great success. They delivered as promised and we no longer own a timeshare!

Richard F.

Lonestar Transfer was outstanding in their experience to help people get out of timeshares. We cannot express enough how grateful we are to have found them! They walked us through every step in less time that we were told it could take. We got our settlements and our credit saved as promised in good standing. Tina took every call we made to them when we had questions and answered any question or concern we had. We highly recommend Lonestar Transfer without any hesitation!! Thank you Lonestar Transfer Team!!

James G.

I extremely happy with Loan Star Transfers Timeshare exit team. A year and a half ago I called a competitor Timeshare team and they were asking for 60% more than Loan Star. Since I didn’t want to put that much on my credit, I decided to wait until I could save the fee. A year later, I saved the money and found Loan Star. Figuring one company was good as the next. When my wife and I learned of the money we were able to save we were elated! We went bought some new furniture with the remainder. Loan Star told us it would take 18 months. Well my friends, I happy to tell you it only took 7 months. Thanks Loan Star!

Marcus T.

Lonestar was amazing at getting me out two timeshares that had become a burden for us. The company was easy to deal with, professional, available and they followed through on their commitment in record time. This was not the first timeshare termination company I worked with. The others were scams but this one was not. I would highly recommend them.

Gerladine O.

I was very skeptical of the process until I talked with them. They were so helpful and informative about the process, my wife and I decided to use them. Everything went just as they had explained. I would highly recommend Lonestar to anyone wanting to rid themselves of a timeshare.

Freddie W.

We had been trying to get out of our timeshare with no success for a few years, but after my wife passed I decided I needed help. I heard about Lone Star Transfer on the radio and called them the best call I could have made. In no time they said they could help, and they were true to their word. I recommend Lone Star!

David T.

We contacted Lonestar to help us cancel our ownership of the condo in Florida. We had bought this property when our kids were young, now in retirement my husband and I no longer go to Disney every year and like cruising for our vacations. Lonestar was very easy to work with and we are happy with the outcome . I would highly recommend their service if you want to cancel your timeshare.

Lani T.

Initially I was a skeptical of this company’s claims of being able to get my mother out of her timeshare. In the past, we gave dealt with companies that took our money and did not follow through on their promise. I am happy to say that was not the case with Lone Star Transfer LLC. They were honest and upfront. Most importantly they helped us get rid of a timeshare. I recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

Aisha S.

Lone Star Transfer did exactly what they said they would do. Within 4 months, our transfer was complete. They kept in contact and advised us along the way. We avoided having to pay another year of maintenance fees due to their quick handling of our transfer. We are beyond happy that we are rid of our timeshare. In addition, I researched many companies and chose Lonestar. I AM SO GLAD I did!
Charles F.

I have wanted out of my Timeshare for years, but came to a roadblock each time. Lonestar helped me get it done, and I didn’t have to do all that much to help on my end. They ran with it and got in done.
William S.

Lone Star Transfer was efficient, professional and friendly. As a small business owner I really appreciated the personal touch and attention to detail. They did everything they said they’d do and we were able to get out of our timeshare. What a relief! Thank you Tyler and the team at Lone Star Transfer!
James D.

Lone Star Transfer has helped us remove ownership of two timeshares that we owned. We had enjoyed these timeshares for over two decades, but our lifestyles had changed and the timeshares did not what to change in our flavor. Before any contracts are signed, Lone Star went over every step of the process and the time it would take to achieve freedom. Two years ago our first property disposal, we were a little apprehensive about the idea. We when forward and a year later we were free. Our second property was a little different in disposal, but less than a year we are free of all our timeshares. Each of the two timeshares were handled differently, but the communications between Lone Star Transfer and us was frequent. The associates working for Lone Star Transfer made us feel very comfortable that they were doing everything to move the process along. They are friendly, courteous and professional. I would recommend them to anyone.
Ralph G.

Lone Star Transfer is a Very Professional Company with Very Professional people that helped me through the Time Share Nightmare. They communicated at each and every phase giving me the confidence that we would be successful. I was Very Pleased with their service and guidance. First Class Company.
Edward W.

At the end of the condo-exit process, everything Lonestar did seemed so easy and obvious. Except that at the beginning of the process, none of those steps were evident to us, and certainly not clear or well-understood. A major reason for that is Catherine guided us through every step, explaining not only the What, but the Why, and did so in an easily understood manner with zero condescension. And if you’re wondering about having to pay a fee to get rid of something, when it’s over you’ll be glad you did. And very relieved.
Eric W.

I first heard about Lonestar on the radio. My brother, who lives 3000 miles away, also heard the ad on the radio. The procedure to rid myself of my timeshare was simple, and Lonestar was efficient and effective. The final portion of the process went faster than expected. I’m so pleased Lonestar was able to do the job. Years ago I was scammed by a company in Florida, so having a company I could trust was essential.
Anna C.

All went as planned. No drama or problems. Very easy, They were able to be flexible to allow me to use the timeshare one last time before closing. Highly recommended.
Mike S.

Lone Star has been a blessing to me and my husband.. I applaud their professionalism and expertise in getting rid of our timeshare. Now we can finally relax. Thank you Lone Star! You guys are awesome! I would definitely recommend your Office to all my friends who would like to get rid of their timeshare.
Amelia O.

These folks are legitimate! Lone Star fulfilled their promise to relieve us of our annual maintenance fees on our time share which we could no longer use. A great relief!
Robert D.

We have been trying to get rid of our timeshare for quite some time and then heard about LONESTAR on a commercial on talk radio. They couldnt have been more accomadating. The were very responsive and guided us through each step and they lived up to their promise. I would highly recommend them and feel confident in their abilities.
Greg L.

I had an amazing experience with Lonestar Transfer from start to finish. I was looking for an easy way to get out of my timeshare and I found it with Lonestar Transfer. From start to finish, they walked me through the process, everything was taken care of for me and I closed out my time share property in about 4 months. Thank you Lonestar for the quick and painless process. I would highly recommend the patient and thorough professionals at Lonestar Transfer.
Michael M.

Have been trying to dump my timeshare for years, and was scammed twice in the process. Heard of Lonestar on the Radio from a creditable source and decided to give it a try. The process was easy and seamless and we are finally free of the money sucking Timeshare. Communication during the process was solid and would definitely recommend Lone Star Transfer for ending your timeshare nightmares.
Ronald M.

I started the process of getting out of a Timeshare in Mexico that I’ve had since 2004. With maintenance fees rising every year, and not using the Timeshare, it became a financial burden. I called Lonestar in January, 2020, gave them all the necessary documents, and in April I received notification that I no longer owned the Timeshare and had no further responsibilities for it. The process was so smooth and easy, I regret not doing it years ago. Thank you, Lonestar.
John M.

The people at Lonestar Transfer were beyond helpful in getting me out from under my timeshare! They kept me updated throughout the whole process and I am finally free!! I tried another company before I was fortunate enough to find Lonestar but, was left high and dry by them. No follow through and no answers to my emails asking for updates. Lonestar was constantly calling or emailing me with questions or updates. Thank you, Lonestar Transfer! A big weight has been taken off my shoulders! I highly recommend Lonestar Transfer to get you out of your timeshare! They are amazing! A word of advice – start the process as soon as you pay your fees for the year. You need to be up to date for the good people at Lonestar Transfer to work their magic and it does take a little while to complete.
Jane D.

Very satisfied with process and pleased with everyone we were in contact with. Friendly, polite, excellent Customer service. Would absolutely recommend.
Michael R.

From start to finish, this company was professional, competent, easy to work with, and exhibited great customer service. They encouraged questions and always spent the time necessary to get us the information we requested. Went with Lone Star to end our timeshare liability and in just a few months are free of the timeshare. Client Care Professional, Catherine, was excellent and it was always great to talk to her. Would certainly recommend them to those wanting to shed their timeshare.
Robert B.

From the very beginning they were helpful and patient. I had some problems that required attending to as it turned out I needed to get court documents pertaining to my wife’s passing prior to finishing this transfer. they were more than helpful with what information I needed and the paperwork required. I was kept informed of the status of the transfer throughout the process and when it was finally completed I also received notification of transfer both via E-mail and regular mail as requested.
Gary C.

If you have any doubts as to which company you should go with for your timeshare exit program, we HIGHLY recommend Lone Star Transfer. We are VERY PLEASED with the results. Such a relief!
Brenda R.

Lone Star Transfer were very helpful, easy to work with, and very professional. I am now completely free of my time share and it is such a relief! The representatives of Lone Star kept in touch with me to be sure I understood each new step, but they didn’t communicate too often, so it was a comfortable relationship. I am very grateful to the good people at Lone Star Transfer. They know their business and they know how to get the job done!
Marcy B.

Absolutely trustworthy throughout a painless process. Thank you Lonestar. I recommend this business to anyone needing to get out of a timeshare.
Sara S.

Heard about Lonestar on radio, waited about a year before making 1st contact then another year before actually visiting the nearby Murrieta Ca. office. Almost exactly 4months from signing and receiving notice of transfer. Now kids & grandkids do not need to worry about financial impact. Thank you Sharon. Mike & Pat
Michael H.

From start to finish, this company was professional, competent and and had great customer service. They encouraged questions and always spent what ever time was needed to get us the information we required. When you call, someone always answers and the reception person is always very personable. We went with Lone Star to end our timeshare liability and now we are free and clear. Our Client Care Professional, Catherine, was excellent and it was always great to talk to her. Also from the beginning, Kristopher, our first contact with the Company was very informative. At no time did we ever feel any high pressure sales techniques and we would certainly recommend them. Earl from Michigan
Earl D.

They were fantastic to work with, very helpful and professional. Our process was completed so much faster then we ever expected! Highly recommend to everyone!
Richard R.

Lone Star Transfer was very easy to work with. I was able to submit all of the needed documents and the process was completed in two months. The disposal of my time share has been a concern for several years. I am glad that I contacted Lone Star Transfer!

Donna Jean

Mission accomplished – but took longer than we anticipated (but within the time frame they told us). I expected the Time Share to drag their feet – but I didn’t expect it to take sometimes weeks for Lonestar to draft a letter for us to send. I would think they should have some letter templates that the can pull from to get their side done more quickly. Main thing is we got my mother-in-law out of the Timeshare before her next annual fee was due. So again Mission accomplished

Laura Clauser-Roberts

Very easy and professional to work with. I had looked around and tried to sell my timeshare on my own. Wish I had not wasted my time and effort. Called Lonestar Transfer, they explained in detail how everything would work and the price up front. I am now out of my timeshare and would like to thank Lonestar Transfer.

Mike Lowe

Lonestar has helped us exit our timeshare, where we were incurring increasing maintenance fees. They were courteous and professional. I would recommend Lonestar to anyone who wants to get out of their burdensome timeshare.

Terry Dover

We hired Lonestar Tranfer in November 2019 to get out of our timeshare we’ve had for 15 years and loved but, life took turns we did not expect and the fees became overwhelming. They were very professional and pleasant to work with. We were told it could take up to a year but by February 2020 we were free of our Timeshare. Final Paperwork and completion in March 2020.Thank you Lonestar Tranfer!

Mark Filer

We decided that we no longer wanted to keep our timeshare. We tried for two years to sell our timeshare or just get out of our contract with no success. When we contacted Lonestar Transfer, they told us exactly what had to take place, how much it would cost and approximately how long it would take. They took care of everything and it was completed just as they said it would be. We were always kept informed about what steps in the exchange had been completed, and we could always have questions quickly answered. They were always very professional and courteous in dealing with us. We are now completely out of our timeshare commitment and we just wish that we had found Lonestar Transfer a few years sooner. We highly recommend them for anyone who wants or needs to get out of a timeshare commitment.

Carolyn and Glen Hales

Lonestar Transfer guided me through the steps to successfully get out from under my money-pit timeshare. The timeshare management company was unresponsive and would not even talk to me about getting out of my timeshare. Once I hired Lonestar Transfer, they provided the information and forms needed to navigate the process. It took both my time and money, with Lonestar’s timely and professional assistance, to get through the several month process. Not cheap, but worth it in the long run.

Bill S

Lonestar was recommended to me by my stylist. I had already talked with other companies that I felt were scams. The people at Lonestar explained everything in the beginning and it all went as I was told. They were always available if I had questions or concerns. They made the process easy and streamlined. Well worth the money. I would recommend Lonestar to anyone looking to exit their timeshare.

Christy Brock

Lone Star Transfer came through with flying colors – they did exactly what they said they’d do & got us out of 2 timeshares within 8 months from start to finish! They were very professional, were easy to work with & clearly know what they’re doing. Worth both the time & investment to get these timeshares off our hands. Highly recommend them without hesitation!

Mary Jane Dyer