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“I would like to Thank You and Cami. It was a real pleasure working with Lone Star. If I find anyone who needs help getting rid of a Timeshare I will give them your number.”


“The feeling of hope to be free from this God-awful commitment is priceless! Thank you for being available for questions and assistance. Knowing there are other options out there, the level of trust you’ve instilled in me has made selecting Lone Star Transfer the best choice for me, and I’m so comfortable with it.”


“These folks are pros when it comes to helping clients eliminate future costs associated with Time Shares. Time Share transfers are costly and take time. These folks are Pros. I’ve used Lonestar several times to transfer multiple time shares.”
TX – August 30,2015


“They took care of our timeshare. If your timeshare is paid in full they can transfer your timeshare, and you will be released from any more maintenance fees or special assessment fees forever. We are relieved from this responsibility forever.”
Ft Worth, TX – December 18, 2014


“Just wanted to let you know that I finally got confirmation that I have been released from my timeshare contract with Festiva. Thank you for doing what you said would be done. It is very frustrating to have spent so much money to buy into a timeshare and then get nothing for it and still cost so much to get out of it. It is refreshing to know that there is at least one company out there that can help us who got suckered into buying a timeshare. If you ever need a reference please do not hesitate to use my name. If you’re ever in the Cheyenne area please look me up. I would love to shake your hand. Again, thank you very much. Thank you also for your service to our country.”
Cheyenne, WY – May 24, 2018


“My wife and I were very pleased with Lone Star Transfer. We
were kept up to date on the progress of the proceedings from
beginning to end, and Lone Star delivered exactly what was
promised. We strongly recommend Lone Star Transfer to
anyone needing help in getting out of a timeshare contract.
Lone Star Transfer is an honest and professional company that
can be trusted.”
Brian M 2/6/2019


“I want to share my experience with Lone Star Transfer LLC. I am sure there are a lot of people in the same situation that I was in and that is owning a time share that is no longer being used due to age and a desire to get out the annual fees which have grown over the years. I did not want to leave them to our children and burden them with future debt but ran into many obstacles trying to get rid of the property. I wasted a lot time trying to sell the time share thru sales organizations but did not have any luck. The market is just not there regardless what I was told when I was sold the time share. I came across Lone Star Transfer LLC and was really skeptical about the process and the cost but decided to go ahead based upon instinct and validating the group. One of the warnings you read on the internet is “do not pay money up front”. I decided to go ahead and the experience was well worth it. It does cost money to unload your time share but at least it gets done and all future fees are gone. If I had done it earlier I could have eliminated some expenses sooner but at least it is now taken care of. The time line is variable by each situation, and they will tell you that, but mine took 4 months. Once the paperwork is done up front there is not much else to do but be patient. They performed exactly as they said they would and I would encourage anyone in the same situation to check them out. As a matter of fact after they performed as advertised on one time share I contracted them to do the same on my other time share. As expected the mission was accomplished and I am completely out of my time shares and have no future expenses related to them. We got a lot out of our time shares while we owned them but over the years they became more of the financial burden than an asset. The annual maintenance fees were higher than what it would cost for an average weeks vacation at a comparable location. My only regret is that I did not know about Lone Star Transfer LLC earlier. I racked up more expenses in fees during the time I was trying to use other methods to sell the property. If you have a time share and are wanting to get rid of it you probably already know that the resale market is just not there. Bite the bullet and get rid of it before you incur even more expenses. I have no regrets and am completely out of my time shares and I do not have to be concerned or feel guilty about leaving them to our children.”
Tom A 1/24/2019


“Guillermo S**** and Tyler W*** did a great job helping us get out of three Silverleaf Timeshares (now Holiday Hills) They were pleasant to work. We went with them because their guarantees and costs were lower than the other companies we interviewed. I highly recommend them. Ours only took about 3 months total.”
Chuck S 1/17/2019


“Our entire experience with Lonestar Transfer far exceeded our expectations! From the first phone call to the final phone call we were incredibly impressed with their professionalism and how they delivered on their promise to deliver. Working with them was seamless and they completed our exit from our timeshare in less than half the time we expected. Lonestar has our ð??¯ percent recommendation to anyone stuck in unwanted timeshare ownership. They are unequivocally the real deal in time share exit where there are so many unethical businesses out there. Thank you Lonestar team!!!!!!!”
Paul R 1/8/2019


“I contacted Lone Star Transfer about a time-share my parents got themselves into. After a discussion, the Lone Star professional advised me AGAINST using their service and gave me very good advice on how I should handle the situation. I have followed that advice, resolved and situation, and saved my family thousands of dollars! I was VERY IMPRESSED with Lone Star Transfer…they were truly out to help consumers, even when it didn’t bring-in money for them. WELL DONE!!!
Darrell S 12/26/2018


“From the very beginning, the people at Lonestar were very upfront about the process. They explained how long it would take and the expense involved. To put it succintly, they did everything they said they would do! The process actually finished faster than we thought it would. Great company that I would not hesitate to recommend to a friend.”
Michael M 11/28/2018


“The review is pretty simple. Lonestar advertises their service which we heard about from the Hugh ****** radio Show. They did exactly what they advertise. But, more, they keep you informed and respond quickly to questions while the process unfolds. Lonestar is the real deal!”
G. Parker 9/18/2018

G. Parker

“I completely understand being unsure and hesitant to hand over MORE money regarding a timeshare! We had two separate timeshares (odd years, even years) in Maui and after years just needed out. Lonestar Transfer (we worked with Sharon) was EXACTLY what we needed! We started with just one to see how the process worked and it went very smooth and honestly…… I just started the process with the second because we were so pleased. The contract is black and white and they walk you through every step of the way. Breathing easier already and seeing the light again without being tied to yearly maintenance fees that just escalate every year! Thank you Sharon and Lonestar Transfer for being the ONE honest voice in this whole Timeshare experience of ours!!”
Jessica 9/6/2018


“I heard about Lonestar Transfer from a friend and from the initial phone call I was convinced that these people were going to help me get from under my timeshare. I have been so very amazed at how very helpful they have been when I’ve had questions. The response is almost immediate and thorough in every sense of the word. I would recommend Lonestar Transfer to anyone hoping to get out from under their expense of a timeshare. Love this company!!!”
Barbara C 7/31/2018


“All of the representatives we worked with at Lonestar were professional, knowledgeable and timely. They explained all of the steps clearly and answered all questions promptly. With their help, the process of transferring our timeshare back to the community was seamless and did not take as long as we anticipated. After dealing with so many other “scammers” we were grateful to find Lonestar and very pleased with the results.”
Rachel H 6/27/2018


“Just a personal note of thanks to you, Juanita and the others who helped us get rid of our timeshare. We did enjoy the locations and vacations we spent with our family, but it was time to leave Wyndam. Too expensive and too much of the “high pressure sales” tactics.

I knew it was not going cheap to “dissolve ” our timeshare but then again ,quality service that delivers never is. You guys did a great job.

I thank God we heard your advertisement on the Sean Hannity radio show and that started the whole process. Also your rating with the BBB also influenced our decision. I had a conversation with our local attorney yesterday and told him about our success with Lonestar and he has your contact info on file for any needs for his clients’ estates.

Thank again to all, you guys are the real deal.”

Greg and Lonnie

“Many thanks for the long hours and all the other inconveniences you and your staff have endured during the past several months. Efficiency, accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination in todays work world. Office personnel provided detailed explanations and personal assistance when needed Please pass my appreciation on to your staff. Continue the good work.”

Joe and Joann

“Lone Star Transfer helped us get out of our timeshare! They were excellent to work with, and communication was very good throughout the entire process! No surprises, no problems at all! Thank you Lone Star Transfer!”

George and Cathy

Lonestar Transfer certainly came through for us when we decided to get rid of our timeshares. With each month that passed we had mailed healthy maintenance fees and tried to enjoy timeshare ownership. When health issues became our major focus that’s when we visited Lonestar Transfer. From then on they took the lead and we could handle what was of immediate importance. It’s truly a celebratory day when you no longer own timeshares. Thank you, Lonestar Transfer.”

Mary on 05/22/2019

“Lone Star Transfer assisted me and my brothers in exiting a timeshare that we received from my parents. Lone Star made the process easy via phone calls and email. The entire process was approximately 5 1/2 months. This was due in part as our family is scattered around the US. I highly recommend using Lone Star Transfer if you need to exit a timeshare.”

Mary on 05/28/2019

“Everything done exactly like they said they would. Got us out of our timeshare in a very timely basis. Very easy to work with.”

John on 5/26/2019

“We used Lonestar Transfer to get our of our timeshare. We are retired and didn’t want to have this burden transferred to our children. It took approximately four months to confirm the transfer but it was worth the wait. I contacted the resort where we owned and they confirmed the transfer. Thank you Lonestar!”

Linda and Ron - Minnesota on 5/28/2019

“The Lone Star Transfer team helped us get out of our timeshare with little hassle. They were a pleasure to work with and I’m thankful for their professionalism.”

Rob on 05/15/2019

“We owned a timeshare and, like many others, seldom continued to use it. But … that annual ‘maintenance fee’ kept growing and coming due. I began investigating companies that claimed they could relieve us of the timeshare burden, but there were so many negative customer complaints and cautions about scams. Then one day I saw Karen and Bryan Holloway of Lone Star Transfer interviewed on Fox News with endorsements from Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and other reputable business leaders. I then met with Karen; was impressed with what I heard; and got the process started. They kept us updated as the process continued and, 7 months later, we are free and clear of the timeshare. Well done!”

David, Atlanta, May, 2019

“Great service, Very attentive to my needs and requests. Kept me informed on a timely basis. Best of all – GOT ME OUT OF THE TIMESHARE!”

William on 06/01/2019

Positive experience with no glitches through the whole process. Lonestar transfer delivered on everything they said they would.

Larry - June 11, 2019

They get results and keep their word to do the most and best they can to get you out of your timeshare. I am very pleased with the whole experience working with them. Wonderful people!

Judy on 06/12/2019

I am completely satisfied with the services provided by Lone Star Transfer and happy to endorse their business. I was anxious about terminating my time-share contract and got no where trying on my own. Each of my contacts at Lone Star were courteous and respectful of my concerns. The attorneys I spoke with were prepared and competent. They handled my case in a timely and professional manner. I was provided with clear directions from the workers on my case, all of whom were very pleasant with me. And the best part is that they were successful in extricating me from my time-share in about 4 months.

John 6-10-2019

They did everything just right!!

Todd 6-10-2019

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. Worked with me through every step of the process to get me out of my timeshare. Kept in timely touch with me to update the status of progress. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking help with their timeshare.

Nadine on 06/17/2019

Contacted the company for relief of a time share contract that we originally purchased in 1983, but we have not used the facility or the swap services for the past 15 years. Retirement and the ravages of time preclude our use. Lone Star acted promptly and guided us through the entire process seamlessly. All questions were swiftly answered, and the release was effected within a short period of time. All customer service representatives were knowledgeable, courteous, and effective. I give the organization my highest/unqualified recommendation.

John on 06/14/2019

All the people we were in contact with were warm, friendly and helpful. They helped us get out of a long term contract relatively quickly.

Bob on 06/13/2019

We owned our time share for 35 years. Too many things have changed since then, and we wanted to be removed. We started the process with Lonestar Transfer with Mr. Saenz and his associates in August of 2018. We worked together every step of the way and as of May 24, 2019, we are no longer the owner or have any liability for the timeshare. Lonestar Transfer is a company we would recommend to anyone. Thank you, Jeff and Dottie

Dottie on 06/05/2019

We are very pleased and grateful that we found Lonestar Transfer to help us get out from under an expensive obligation to our timeshare condo organization. We never dreamed the yearly fees would reach as high as they did and since we have owned the timeshare for 30 plus years we found that we are no longer able to use and enjoy it as we once did. Lonestar was very pleasant and helpful in resolving our problem. They kept us informed every step of the way and guided us to what are obligations were. We feel very relieved to have this burden lifted off us and can’t thank Lonestar enough. We had tried for years to unload what we could no longer use and enjoy but it grew to seem impossible. We are relieved that our children will not be faced with this burden without choosing to be involved. Their names were listed and beneficiaries on our contract. We really didn’t want to do that to our children and didn’t realize the consequences when we were told how great a gift to leave to our children. Not!

Colleen on 06/21/2019

We’re free at last! Thanks to Lonestar Transfer for guiding us through the process of riding ourselves of the burden of our Holiday Inn Vacation Club timeshare. Great knowledgeable, helpful people to work with.

Gerry on 6-25-19

We are truly thankful for Lonestar’s diligent work in successfully canceling our timeshare. With all of the complexities of a timeshare contract we certainly would not have been able to cancel without their assistance. The staff was always available to answer questions and were responsive to our concerns. They were always friendly and professional. They will walked us through the process at every step and made sure that we were informed of their progress. We would certainly recommend Lonestar to anyone who is in the position to cancel a timeshare.

Marilee on 06/02/2019

The best experience I could have hoped for! Lonestar Transfer was so helpful and competent. I would use them again in a heartbeat. I was not sure what to expect while trying to part with my timeshare, but they walked me through each step with patience and care. 

Pamela on 07/02/2019

Lonestar delivers ! They promise to extract you from your timeshare obligation and they do it. Their representatives are professional, courteous, responsive and polite. All communications is handled promptly and is easy to understand and complete. This service is not inexpensive…however, if you want to get out of a timeshare obligation, I would highly recommend Lonestar.


I was very pleased with my business relationship with Lonestar Transfer for closing a timeshare. The personnel were very professional and it was easy to share information. They were very efficient and responsive to any communication. Even though I initiated the contact, they were very patient with me in making the decision to go forward. Initially, I was concerned about the cost. However, it was money well spent. I was told it could take several months to close my Timeshare commitment. It only took 4 months. I believe this was due to Lonestar Transfer expediting every document response required to come to closure, as well as my fulfilling my obligations. I would highly recommend this company as honest always placing the customer first.


Lonestar made the process clear from the first phone call. They did exactly what they promised in the time frame they anticipated. The cost was stated up front and there were no surprise additional fees. I am very pleased and grateful to be legally released from my timeshare.

Gerald M.

Was real good experience working with Lonestar to help us out of the Timeshare we owned. It took a little longer than what we were expecting but its all done now.


We’re out of our timeshare! It took only 7 months. Lots of customer support and hand holding. A little pricey, but they got us the results they promised. Wonderful to deal with.

Denny on 07/13/2019

About 2 years ago, my husband and I saw an advertisement on T.V. that could help you get out of your timeshare. We talked to several different companies on the phone and was comparing them, but none of those companies felt right after speaking to them. My husband and I prayed about it a lot and just had a gut feeling not to go with them. One day we were watching Fox News and saw Lonestar Transfer’s advertisement on there, and we called and got all the information from them. After having a long talk and we prayed about it, my husband and I decided to trust Lonestar Transfer. We just knew from the beginning of the process that we made the right decision because all the staff was always making sure they kept us updated and informed with what was going on with our file. They promised to have the whole process completed within a certain timeframe and they did it faster than that even! They truly helped us out tremendously and couldn’t have done it without them! Thanks to everyone at Lonestar Transfer!!

Juanita on 07/18/2019

M. Tritsch We couldn’t be more pleased with Lone Star! They told us what we had to do and approximately how long it would take and they were right. We would recommend them to anyone that wants to get out of a timeshare. They were a delight to talk with and very professional. Thanks to them we are free from the noose around our neck!

Marcia on 07/18/2019

I’d like to thank Melanie, and the Lone Star team, for helping us out of this mess. Some times it seemed like we’d never get out of it, but we did with Your help.

p.s. I’m glad I listen Sean Hannity that’s where I heard about Lone Star

Thank You Very Much,

Beverly and Sonny

Bruce and I are thrilled with everyone’s help in this successful endeavor.
Thank you all!!! We could not have done this without you as we would not have had the courage or the knowledge to proceed.
Forever grateful,

Bruce and Rita

Great company, great people and great outcome! Lonestar Transfer is a very trustworthy company which employs dedicated professionals to patiently guide you through the process. From our initial contact with LonestarTransfer and subsequent communications to complete and submit the required paperwork to transfer our timeshare, my wife and I were very impressed with the attention to detail and the pleasant demeanor of all we spoke with. We highly recommend Lonestar Transfer to assist you with transferring your timeshare. This is a company that will work for you and deliver what they promised!

Ron R

Initially my Mother was invited to a dinner seminar by a “traveling” time share company. They charged an exorbitant amount of money, with no guarantees and a poor rating with the BBB. Fortunately we were able within 24 hours to get her money back. We researched 3 companies on line to interview to help us with the project. All were competitively priced, but we felt the most comfortable with Lone Star Transfer. They were up front, no pressure, reputable, and highly rated. We ran into a few glitches, as my Mother’s deed was not properly handled at the time she purchased the time share. But now less than a year latter we are free and clear and I don’t have to worry about inheriting a money pit.

Donna M on 08/24/2019

We were desperate to get rid of our timeshare and heard about Lone Star on the radio. We thought, what do we have to lose, so gave them a call and so glad we did! They were very informative and responsive and walked us thru the process which was very simple. The end result was we were out of our contract in a little over four months. I would highly recommend them!

Mimi on 08/19/2019

Bruce and I are thrilled with everyone’s help in this successful endeavor.
Thank you all!!! We could not have done this without you as we would not have had the courage or the knowledge to proceed.
Forever grateful,

Bruce and Rita

Lone Star Transfer did exactly what they promised and was courteous and professional. i would recommend them to friends, and have done so.

Lynn on 08/30/2019

From our initial call to Lonestar Transfer, every step of the process of the transfer of our timeshare was handled professionally and efficiently. Every person we dealt with in the transfer process was courteous, friendly, efficient, and professional. The successful transfer process was just as advertised on the Sean Hannity radio show.


My wife and I had been looking to get out from under the timeshare that we had purchased several years ago. After reviewing other companies advertising help to timeshare owners to get released from their ownership, we chose Lonestar Transfer. We found all communications and direct phone calls from their staff to be cordial and informative. Yes, it took a few months to get this done but they did get it accomplished in an efficient and organized way. We are very pleased with their service and, obviously, the outcome. We are thankful to Lonestar for making their service available to timeshare owners like us and would highly recommend this organization to anyone looking to get released from their timeshare ownership.


Lonestar Transfer is a top notch company who you can put your up most trust in, We will recommend Lonestar to anyone who needs help with timeshare blues.

Jeffery and Charlene on 09/07/2019

Lonestar Transfer did exactly what they said they could and would do! Everyone with whom I spoke at the company was eager to help and quick to reply to any questions I had. I loved their money-back guarantee if my transfer was not completed within the contracted time frame, and I am now OUT of my timeshare well within that time frame.

Cheryl on 09/13/2019

I can’t Thank the Team at Lone Star Transfer enough for their Assistance and To the Final Liberation of my Timeshare. I spoke with several Team members and they were always friendly and polite and helpful in their guidance on what steps to take. I’m Free….. Thank you very much Lone Star Transfer.

Steve on 09/16/2019

My wife and I had been looking for a way to free ourselves of the timeshare burden. The maintenance fees continued to increase to the point where a couple could stay in a nice hotel at a cheaper rate. We talked with several companies but did not feel comfortable working with any of them. I was listening to the Hugh Hewitt show one evening and he was talking about a company called Lone Star Transfer. We felt that Hugh Hewitt was putting his reputation on the line. The next day I called Lone Star Transfer and the rest is history. The majority of the time we dealt with their representative Guillermo Saenz. He is friendly, intelligent and easy to work with. Guillermo stayed in touch with us every stage of the way through out the process which took several months. My wife and I are now free of the timeshare burden.

Bob on 09/16/2019

Great people. Great work ethic. Worked hand in hand to get our timeshare transferred back to the association after years of maintenance fees for little return. Highly recommended. Well worth the reasonable Lone Star Transfer fee.

John on 09/17/2019

Everyone at Lonestar Transfer was amazing! This process was made less stressful by your staff and I am so grateful for y’all helping us get rid of our nightmare timeshare!


It was great working with the Lonestar Transfer team. I was a little skeptical when I signed up for this but felt better after I started working with the case consultant, Chris. Chris stayed in touch and followed up quickly after each step we made with the timeshare company. He got the ball rolling with the timeshare and coached me on my part working and communicating with the timeshare rep. We were in contact several times a month and the whole process to get the deed transferred took just under a year. They lived up to what they advertise and what they put in their contract with me. I would recommend them to anyone trying get out of a timeshare contract. Great company.


After 30+ years of increasing maintenance fees and decreasing usage, Lone Star Transfer was able to get me out of my timeshare. I would highly recommend their services.


We had two timeshares inherited from my husband’s parents. Honestly, I was leery about hiring ANY company that promised to get us out of our timeshares. But based on Lonestar’s reviews, we bit the bullet and hoped we weren’t getting duped. Not only did they do precisely what they said they’d do, but it was done expeditiously and professionally. What a relief to be rid of the timeshare(s) burden! We highly recommend Lonestar Transfer!

Cindy on 09/18/2019

Lone Star Transfer helped us get rid of out Timeshare fast, they were very professional in handling everything, keeping us updated on how everything was going. We could not have done it without their help, I recommend them highly to anyone who needs to get rid of their timeshare. Thank you Lone Star! Great job and a great burden of of our budget.


We were delighted with the service provided by Lone Star Transfer. They explained the process in detail and stayed in contact throughout the process.

Jonathan on 09/18/2019

We would recommend Lonestar Transfer to everyone. Great people to work with. Always have done what they said they would do and more.

Steve and Jean

They are Awesome!!! Tina was great!!! And I will recommend Lonestar to everyone. Thank you so much.

Dom on 09/12/2019

Lone Star Transfer was very efficient and helpful in helping us get of our timeshare. We are quite happy that we heard the radio ad and contacted them. We would highly recommend them to anyone considering ridding themselves of unwanted timeshare(s).

Richard on 09/17/2019

Honest and effective. Delivered exactly what they stated. What a relief to no longer be attached to my timeshare!


Lonestar successfully arranged our timeshare exit with professionalism, and ahead of schedule. The staff was excellent, and proceeded with the process as exactly as they stated when we engaged them. We had previously unsatisfactory experiences in our attempts to get out of our timeshare. The Lonestar experience, in contrast, was excellent and much appreciated by us.

Alexander on 09/19/2019

Success! Lone Star Transfer was instrumental in helping us dispose of two large timeshares. We responded to a radio advertisement with trepidation, but had good experiences from our initial contact with Lone Star all the way through. The process took a while, so patience is a factor, but the personnel at LST were knowledgable and responded to our questions in a timely manner. We were treated very fairly, and what a relief to be rid of those healthy maintenance fees!


Promises made, Promises kept! I worked with Chris and he made the process easy and stayed in contact with me every step along the way. I started the process on 31 January and it was completed on 1 July. You can say I’m a very happy camper!!!

Tom on 09/19/2019

They were great to work with. Easy directions on what to do. Definitely worth the money to get out of a timeshare!!

Matt on 09/27/2019

Lonestar did an awesome job of helping us get out of our timeshare. We jumped for joy when we received the new deed indicating that the time share was removed from our names. They were very professional during the entire process. Whenever we called we were always able to talk to someone the same day. I am so glad we chose Lonestar to help us get rid of our timeshare.


This company did what they said they would. We no longer have a time share. Thank God and Lone Star Transfer.

Anthony on 09/21/2019

I, and my family, are so relieved to be rid of the campground membership at Lost Valley Lake. The annual fees were outrageous, and increased every year. We actually used the facility only twice in the four years we were members and that makes each visit cost about $5000 each visit! I honestly thought we would enjoy the resort when I bought my membership from a neighbor but had no idea how expensive it would be. During one weekend we had reservations for, our campsite turned out to be the worse possible location st the resort. It had been carved out of a hillside and a big ditch, barely long enough to accommodate out fifth wheel RV, no room to pull the truck off the road in order to park by the RV. The shower house was half a mile up a big hill that didn’t have a walkway, just the busy gravel road. I called the office, requesting different sites and was informed they we’re booked full for the weekend. I had to argue to get better sites. There was all kinds of empty sites throughout the campground!! I decided to sell the membership myself after being told by the resort they wouldn’t buy back or simply take back my share. I only had one couple interested and they drove to the resort to have a look. They weren’t allowed access and were told no one could enter without being accompanied by a member and treated poorly during the whole episode. These people told me they had never been so humiliated and would never have anything to do with that place. I tried to give the membership away for free, listing on Craigslist throughout the area I live in and the surrounding resort territory. Absolutely no one called me! I came across Lonestar Transfer and called. I’ve been treated so great by everyone at the company!! I’m free of this money pit membership and my kids won’t be saddled with it when I die. I cannot express how happy I am!! Do Not Buy A Timeshare!!

Anna on 09/26/2019

The folks at Lonestar Transfer were so helpful. They answered all of our questions. We emailed them pretty regularly and they always got back to us right away. They held our hand during this entire process and we are so happy to be out of our timeshare. There are a lot of scams out there and we have fallen to a few of them but this is legit. They have a money back guarantee so there is little risk. Highly recommend.

K on 09/26/2019

We were very pleased with both the results and the experience of working with the folks at Lone Star Transfer. They were very honest and upfront with the process and timeframe in working with our home Timeshare Resort and getting us free from ownership. We are so pleased to be rid of the timeshare, mounting maintenance fees and special assessments and we feel the process and results were very much as described to us at the beginning by Lone Star staff. Thank you.

Mike B on 09/27/2019

Finally out of my timeshare obligation. The process was easy.

Lynn on 10/05/2019

I have a time share that I have not used in over 15 years but yet I still have to pay each year the maintenance fee I did not want the time share and had no use for it Lonestar Transfer had a add on the Hannity radio show telling that they could get rid of your time share Hannity side Lonestar was a good company and he new the owner I then called Lonestar they told me how they would due the best they could to get rid of my time share from that time on any time I called them they took the time needed to help me with any questions I had I am very happy with the way Lonestar worked with me in getting rid of my time share I will be very happy when the time comes that I can pass on Lonestars name to any one that would like to rid themselves of the time share thank you Lonestar.

Nuell on 10/05/2019

Lone Star did what they said and it was easy!!


Lone Star transfer was very professional and was able to get us free from our time share. I recommend giving them a call and let the staff help you out.

Matt on 10/16/2019

Lonestar Transfer is an honest Co. to deal with. Communication with them is prompt and accurate. Everyone is friendly and helpful. They can be trusted!

Carole on 10/15/2019

Great company to work with! Got us out of a bad situation in less than a year. Lonestar did exactly what they said they were going to do! I recommend them to anyone who want to get out of their timeshare. Thanks-Lonestar!!!!!!

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