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I had a timeshare for 10 years with increasing maintenance fees. After contacting the resort cancellation office with no luck, I found Lone Star Transfer online. Checked the reviews and even called a business located in the same building. That business said they were really good and had helped many people. So I called Lone Star Transfer and they walked me through the exiting process and timeline required. After getting together documents and signatures the whole process was complete in about four months. The resort drug their feet another four months but finally confirmed the transfer out of my responsibility. It was easy. Everyone I had contact with at Lone Star was knowledgeable, courteous, and returned my calls when I had questions. Very pleased with this company.

Larry S

Source: BBB

A welcome difference from the many companies promising to get me out of my timeshare. Lone Star explained my options very clearly including the price associated with each option. I selected an option and paid the agreed upon amount. I spent a reasonable amount of time (hours) assembling and emailing documents associated with the timeshare. They sent me a few documents to sign and return. Then things got quiet. I called a few times to check on the status and each time I was assured that the effort was on track. The process was to be completed within 12 months, but at 10 months I got a call indicating that the closing had been completed and I no longer had any responsibility for the timeshare. A few minutes later an email appeared in my inbox with two attachments: 1) A letter from Lone Star confirming that I no longer owner the timeshare; and 2) a recorded deed, transferring the timeshare to the new owners. The entire process could not have been better from my perspective. I give Lone Star 5 stars because they earned them.

Tom P

Source: BBB

I was skeptical at first about companies claiming they could get you out of your timeshare, but Lone Star Transfer is the real deal. They thoroughly explained how the process would work and they met their obligation 100% very close to the time commitment they stated they could complete it in.I was very happy to see my confirmation that my RCI timeshare had ended and I had no further obligation to them. Lone Star I would definitely recommend if you want to get out like my wife and I did.

Jeff H

Source: BBB