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If you know anything at all about timeshares, chances are you’ve heard some things that are true and some things that aren’t. While timeshares are an investment, improvements and changes in the timeshare industry have made things better for owners. Here are several common timeshare myths debunked:

You’re Stuck Vacationing There

You may have heard about people looking to get out of timeshare because they feel stuck. Some vacation plans do work out where you go back to the same spot every year, but many timeshares offer flexibility. Some even offer a points system like hotels do, where you get points for traveling and staying where you want to.

It Costs More To Stay There Than At A Hotel

This is true in some respects, but not entirely. It’s estimated that the average price for a one-week stay at a timeshare is more than $20,000. The upfront costs of a timeshare can cost more than the average hotel stay, but you ultimately own your timeshare. That means you’ll get all the comforts of a hotel, but you’ll also get more features and more comfort.

Timeshares Are Outdated

Believe it or not, you might be surprised by how many timeshares are owned by well-known vacation companies. Many companies such as Westin and Sheraton offer timeshares in great locations and with an ever-growing array of services.

It’s A Bad Investment

In some cases, this can be true if you’re looking to own a vacation home you can later flip for a hefty profit. But many folks buy timeshares because they’re looking to invest in high-quality vacations. They want somewhere to get away with family and friends and have a spot all to themselves. If that sounds like you, then a timeshare can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Timeshares Are Only For Couples

The simple fact is that timeshare ownership can be for anyone. It can be a home away from home if you’re single, or it can be a spot for the perfect romantic getaway.

As you can see, some of the myths you’ve heard about timeshares aren’t entirely true. The best thing you can do is research and learn about timeshares on your own. Talk with an expert about any questions you have so that you make the best choice for yourself if you’re considering owning one.

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