What Makes Timeshares So Popular?


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You may assume that timeshares aren’t very popular anymore but this is not the case at all. Currently, about 9.9 million families own timeshares. These include timeshare developed by major players in the industry, like Wyndham and Marriott, and timeshares developed by small companies. Over the years, the types of timeshares have increased as well, with some systems operating through points ownership, while some operate through weeks ownership. Additionally, timeshares can be found across the world, not only in the United States. The question you may have right now is: why? What has made timeshares so popular over the decades? Let’s find out.

1. Variety

The obvious alternative to timeshares would be a traditional vacation home. But a lot of families don’t like the idea of going to the same vacation spot every year. A timeshare allows you access to a variety of different resorts. For example, Wyndham owners can travel across the country, from the Great Smoky Mountains to St. Thomas, all while using the same points. Timeshare owners like the idea of going wherever they want, whenever they want, even if they aren’t always able to do so as they plan.

2. Rental Options

Some people actually view their timeshares as investments or believe that they would be able to offset the cost of their timeshares by renting them out when they’re not using them. Many timeshare rental services have cropped up over the years, though many of them do charge upfront fees or require a portion of the rental proceeds. Some owners rent out their timeshares on their own through sites like VRBO and Airbnb, though this can be time-consuming and offer dubious results.

3. Family Friendliness

It can be difficult to travel with a family, especially when your children are young. Vacation homes can be quite expensive and hotel rooms often are not spacious enough for families to vacation comfortably within. Most timeshare resorts offer condo-style accommodations, which allow space and privacy for families, as well as the convenience of a full kitchen more often than not.

As popular as timeshares are, they don’t work for the long term for everyone. Perhaps you’re tired of your timeshare, or maybe you can’t use it anymore due to injury or illness. Maybe you’ve inherited a timeshare from a parent. Either way, timeshare exit support services are available to help!

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